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I don’t know why, but everytime there will always be a few bullies in every stage of my life. When I was still in China, I was very quiet and I was often bullied by the guys in my class, especially one, whom I can’t remember the name.

Then it was primary school in Singapore. I was bullied by my classsmates in the form of spreading rumours about me and so-and-so when there is really nothing between us.

Secondary school seemed to be better, no one reallly bullied me much, except a few jokes from a few close friends.
Then the NIGHTMARE started when I got into Ngee Ann Polytechnic. During year 1, I was in this all-girls class. I have this group of good friends in the class, consisting of Jeanette, Kar Yin and Kimberley. I don’t know why, but from the first day of school, Jeanette had taken to bullying me. She just find it so amusing to bully me. It really puzzles me. And now I am in year 2. If year 1 was a nightmare, year 2 is HELL. The teachers reshuffled the students around and two guys, Aaron and Samad, joined our classs. Samad is alright. He will make fun of me occasionally but generally he is a nice guy. Aaron is the problem. He takes bullying me like duck takes to water. I really don’t know what great wrong I did in my previous life that I have to have him tormanting me. And the worst part is, he really enjoys it. Even Chen Ying knows that they like to bully me and once she asked Arron why he likes to bully me so much. He said matter-of-factly:” She has the words “Bully Me” on her forehead”. *WAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!* I

┬áseriously don’t know wether to laugh or to cry.
Haizzz..this is my pathatic life. Anyone want to rescue me from my life from hell?


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New Hairstyle

I just got a haircut. This is the new hairstyle. I think it is nice, but the evil Jeanette called me “Mushroom Head”!!!!! *WAHHHHHHHH!!!!!* Guess I just have to tie up my hair now. Wait till I’ve got enough money and I will go and rebond my hair. I want to get big curls. They look so good. What hairstyle do you guys think I should get? Give me some comments…

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I was doing some work and I heard some chirping. It sounded really near and I looked up. There it was, a small bird at the window! It was so cute, I just had to take a few pictures of it. You don’t get cute little things flying into your room everyday! So I caught it and closed the window. I went to the kitchen and prepared a dish of sunflower seeds in water, remembering to close the door when I went out. It refused to eat and it was chirping heart-brokenly, so I bought it to the balcony and held it on my hand. But it refused to fly away. I think it is scared, but it flew away in the end. It was so… cute!

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Prince Charming

I have been watching the Korean Drama Goong or Princess Hour in Youtube. This show is quite okay except it is a bit…boring. I mean it does make me dream, but not as much. Anyway, comparing Yul and Shin, I think Shin looks more like a prince. It probably have something to do with his height . A prince should be tall (at least to me) . Okay, so he is not handsome enough, but at least he has got the height! If only he’s more dashing, then he will really be my Prince Charming (in my dreams, of course).

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