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Merry Christmas!

Yesterday was Christmas Day and I had such a good time at my Eudora’s house. Let me tell you what happened.

I woke up at about 9.30 in the morning and started to bake the Eve Pudding immediately after brushing my teeth and washing my face. Then I changed into my clothes and went downstairs to get onto the cab which I have called for a little ealier, just before I came out of the house. When I reached Eudora’s house, she was out with her family for lunch and her maid let me in. I dumped the pudding in the kitchen and retired to Eudora’s room to read books while waiting for her to return. She came home shortly, and Priyangi came too. We played Cleudo (It is so fun. I am so getting this game, but definitely not the small one) and Taboo. We felt hungry so we went downstairs and had Priyangi’s Chocolate Mousse and my Eve Pudding. Priyangi’s Chocolate Mousse was absolutely fantastic. My Eve Pudding was not too bad too, except that it is a little too sweet (but Eudora’s Mum loved it!). Then we watched Outbreak and we had such fun analysing the story.

At about 6.45pm, Mariem the Princess is finally here. We had Canadian Pizza and I had six pieces. Then we went up stairs and exchanged Christmas presents and the latest happening in our lives. We stayed till about 9pm, when we caught a ride to Clementi MRT station from Priyangi’s Dad.

I did not sleep a wink last night, all thanks to Priyangi. She added some coffee powder into the Chocolate Mousse and I ate it without knowing it ( I only got to know about it as I was eating it, but it was too late). I am extremely sensitve to caffine. So, I tossed and turned in bed from 12am till 5 am. Thank you so much, Priyangi. At least I managed to survive the day!


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Clinical Attachment

The first week of my clinical attachment is finally over. Here is an account of it…Monday – 18 December 2006
Today was my first day of attachment at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. It is so boring there! There is nothing to do there. I seriously wonder how I am going to survive these two weeks. Help!

Tuesday – 19 December 2006
My period just came today and I was totally unprepared for it! Everything was in a mess. The good thing was that I did not stain my uniform. Hehe!

Wednesday – 20 December 2006
Today was rather peaceful. I bathed an infant under the supervision of my lecturer. I made so many mistakes!

Thursday – 21 December 2006
I don’t know what is wrong with me today. I woke up at four in the morning and vomitted six times. Then I went to the hospital as usual feeling very nausea and weak. My lecturer and even the Sister noticed that I was not well. My lecturer told me to go and get some breakfast, and she said that she will send me straight home if I still look as pale after that. I went down to the Kopitiam at first floor and bought myself a cup of hot milo, but I threw up again after that. However, I felt much better after that and I stayed to finish my shift as I did not want to have to make up on Saturday. I went to see a doctor after that and he said that it was stomach flu. He gave me some medication and I am feeling much better now. I really think that I will be a very good nanny if I ever were to become one. I really know how to coax kids to do things. I had a cousin in China and we were very close. It was hell when it was time to feed him because he would run about and refuse to eat. I was the only one who could coax him to eat. There is this girl in my cubicle. She is really pretty, but she does not talk much. She is always crying and asking for her mother. Her cries are really deafening. I seem to be the only one who could coax her to not cry. I even got her to go back to her bed and I managed to get her to bathe and wash her hair. After her bath, she was really active and we played until I went back home. Hehe…I feel quite pleased with myself…

Friday – 22 December 2006
That girl has been discharged. Boo-hoo! Nothing much happened today.

That was the first week of my attachment. Hope you liked that.

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Bored to Tears

Hey! I just found this really cool website where you can translate stuff into different languages. The website is http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr. Try it!I am really quite pissed with this person. My friend told me that this person has a babysitting job and I accepted it. However, she did not contact me about it at all and she also did not respond to any of the messages I posted to her. It is not the fact that I did not get that job that made me so unhappy, it is the fact that she did not do anything. I mean, it is okay if she does not need me to do it anymore. She may have found a more experienced babysitter, that’s fine! The thing is, will it kill her to simply give me a call or e-mail me to let me know that she does not need my help anymore? I waited one whole day for any message or call from her, but none came. I am really bloody pissed-off.

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I visited Mariem’s blog and saw this. It looked quite fun, so I did it. Try it!

You Are 34% Vain

Okay, so you’re slightly vain from time to time, but you’re not superficial at all.
You are realistic. You know that looks matter. You just try to make them matter less.

How Vain Are You?

Then I visited Eudora’s blog and did this quiz called What’s Your Seduction Style. It is really fun. Try it here.

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Shopping at Plaza Singapura

The gatherings for D3 will never be complete, will it? The last time it was Priyangi (she is having school) and Mariem (she is working). This time it is Grace (she flew to China and I didn’t even know it). Haizzz…

Anyway, we basically shopped and eat, that’s basically all we did. I have always thought PS to be more of a upper-class place so I have never shopped there, as in really buying stuff. However, I don’t know if it is because I was with my “gang” or what, but I just found the clothes there to be really nice and rather affordable too. So I ended up buying three tops (2 T-shirts and one halter-top) and buying a T-shirt for Eudora as her Christmas present. The clothes are really nice. Now I finally understand the power of retail therapy. I have always thought that that retail therapy is just a fancy name people give to their urge to splurge. Now I understand that it can actually really make a person (take me, for example) feel really good.


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Pepper Lunch

I just tried a new eating place today. It is a Japanese fast food place called Pepper Lunch at IMM. The food there is really nice, except that it quite expensive. I had Pepper Lunch Salmon. It looks something like this…
I like this place not only because the food is nice, but also because the service is equally good too. When the food came, I had absolutely no idea how to go about eating it. Seeing this, the service stafff explained to me, without me asking, that I was to mix everything together and then add in the sauce of my choice. Shen then brought me a tray of sauces. There are honey brown sauce, garlic, salt and pepper. I like the honey brown sauce the best. They are having a promotion now, so the rice plus a bowl of corn soup costs $8.80. The corn soup is really good. The combination is perfect. You’ve got to try it when you have some extra cash.

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I will not be going anywhere because it is too cold in China. So what am I going to do during the two weeks of holiday? I want to spend the time wisely, maybe learning something. I have no idea what I should do to make this holiday an enriching one. Maybe I can try to get a part-time job and earn some extra pocket money, but two week is a bit short. Can anyone give me some suggestions on what I should do? Anyone know of any job I can do for two weeks only, as I am not planning to continue working when my attachment starts and after that? No telemarketers and online surveys or read emails please. Thank you, everyone.

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