Archive for December 1st, 2006

Today I went to Bugis Street with Jing Yang. Oh my, I have fallen head over heels for that place. I have gone there before with my parents once or twice before, but I did not really get a good look around, or did it change a lot since the last time I have been there? Whatever! Anyway, it is really a shopper’s paradise. There are so many varities of clothes and they are so much cheaper than in other places. They have everything there. It is just so cool. I bought a pair of black shorts with white stripes for $19.90, a top for $18 and a chocker for $6.90. I am so going there again. Then again, I think it was also the fact that I was shopping with Jing Yang that made this whole shopping experience such a great one. Jing Yang is my best shopping partner. Jing Yang, I love you to bits. I can joke and really be myself when I am with you. I love shopping with you! Muaks!

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