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School Printers

Urgh…Can’t the school get a few decent printers?As my home computer cannot print PDF file and my lecturer’s notes are all in PDF format, I had no choice but to go to school to print. I arrived at school at 11am. I went straight to the printing shop at canteen 2 to print. I managed to print three lecture notes with no problem. When it came to the forth one, as the file is too big, it took the printer a long time to print that lecture note. The computer nearly hanged, but good thing it didn’t. By that time, there were so many people in the shop that I thought I had better not hog onto the computer for too long. So I paid for the four lecture notes and went to the Meridien Hotel to pass something to someone very special through the help of a friend. It’s a long story, so I shall not bore you to death with it. It took me almost two hours to make the trip there and back to my school to continue my battle with the PDF files. I met my friend at the library (I think I studied too much. She asked me to help her buy bottled Ice Lemon Tea and I got her bottled Mango Tea instead. She nearly fainted. Good thing she did not, or else I would have to do CPR on her and I am very sure she would not have wanted that to happen. We had to go back to the shop to get it changed). I tried printing the last PDF file using the printer at the libray, but apparently, it is a generic printer and cannot print it the way I want it to. So we made our way up to Block 81 climbing the bloody slope. We could not print it using the first printer, so we had to use the printer in the next room. By the time I finally made it to the SIM bus stop, it was already 5.05pm.

I thought time would help me to ease my pain, but I miss him even more as time passes by. What do I do? Sometimes I really wish he would just appear beside me unexpectedly, so that I don’t feel that painful…

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Just for Fun

Here is a personality test that I came across. It says that you will know who you love the most within three minutes of taking this test. The accuracy of this test is said to be 98%!
Note: Read the questions one at a time and DO NOT JUMP QUESTIONS! All your answers must be your first instinct, or else the answer will not be accurate. Are you ready? Right, here it goes…

1. Take out a piece of paper and number one to eleven.

2. Besides numbers 1 and 2, write down any two numbers that come to your mind.

3. Besides numbers 3 and 7, write down two names of the opposite sex.

4. Besides numbers 4, 5 and 6, write down names of friends or relatives.

5. Besides numbers 8, 9, 10 and 11, write down 4 song titles.

6. Lastly, make a wish.

The Results

1. You have to spread this test to this number of people.

2. The person at number 3 is the person whom you love.

3. The person at number 7 is the one whom you like but cannot be with.

4. You care for a lot for the person at number 4.

5. The person at number 5 is somnone who knows you really well.

6. The person at number 6 is somone of great importance to you.

7. The song at number 8 is suitable for the person at number 3.

8. The song at number 9 is suitable for the person at number 7.

9. The song at number 10 is what you think.

10. The song at number 11 is how you view life.

11. For your wish to come true, you have to post this personality test on your blog.

Hey, after you have done the test, must tell me if it is accurate or not. Please? I did the test and I got some interesting results.

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