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Shopping and Movies

Hmm…I had a really lovely weekend last week.On Saturday, I got out of the house at about 12.15pm to rush to Clementi MRT station to meet up with my friends of my primary 6 class because we are going to our teacher’s house for a gathering. I was there at 12.35pm when we are actually supposed to meet at 12.30pm. I thought they had left as I did not see anyone there, at least no one that I know of. I called my friend and she told me that the gathering was cancelled as our teacher could not make it today. Having nothing to do, I went to Vivo City where I was supposed to meet my polytecnic classmates for dinner at 4.30pm. Since I still had like two hour plus, I decided to catch a movie. I watched “Love and Lyrics”. It is not too bad. It’s one of those I-know-what-is-going-to-happen-in-the-end movies. There is one song called “Way Back To Love” which I really like a lot, but I can’t seem to find where to download it. Then I met up with my polytechnic classmates and our teacher who brought along her husband and kids. We had dinner at Secret Receipe, which is my first time there. I had Irish Lamb Stew. No wonder it is award-winning. It is absolutely DELICIOUS. We crapped at the deck area, whatever it is suppose to be called. Then each of us subsequently left, leaving Aaron to babysit my teacher’s son. Hehe. I went with Jeanette to shop for a present for one of her friend’s birthday, but in the end she did not buy anything for him. Then I went home.

On Sunday, I met Grace at Orchard MRT station at 2pm. We went over to Shaw to buy the tickets for the 4.10pm show for the movie “300” and had some lunch there. Then we shopped a bit at Isetan before going over to Wisma Atria. Shopping with Grace is fun. She loves shopping and she is so enthusiastic about it. She drags me around and I am glad for there to be someone to give me some direction. I am not a person who like shopping a lot. I only shop when I have something I have in mind that I want to buy. If not, left by myself with no target in mind, I will just walk around aimlessly and get really bored very fast. Yeah, I know I am weird, but what to do? The movie is really very nice, maybe just a bit too depressing. After the movie, we went back to Wisma Atria and then we went to Far East Plaza. By the time we went to Far East Plaza, both of us were already too tired to feel like shopping anymore. So we just took a fast look around and went home. Also, Far East Plaza holds too much memories for me.

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