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These are the neoprints Jeanette, Kar Yin, Kimberley and I took on last Wednesday when we went to Orchard during our 3-hour break.

I took this with Priyangi Mariem and Eudora when we met yesterday.

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Great Singapore Sale

I only got to know that the Great Singapore Sale (GSS for short) is starting tommorrow. Cool. Even me, this weird girl who doesn’t like shopping is looking forward to it. I just realised that shopping is not really that bad, in fact it can be quite fun, it’s just that you must have the right company. I have always thought that I like shopping alone , but I guess I am wrong. I can shop alone if I know what I want to buy, but if I intend to just shop around, I need someone energetic who will drag me around to shop.

I went with Jeanette, Kimberley and Kar Yin during our 3-hour break today to orchard, where we shopped at FOX Women. There are so many nice clothes, so many things I want to buy! No money… 😦

I seriously need to buy a lot more clothes, especially tops and pants. My wardrobe is in dire need of some serious replenishing.

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Try This!

1. Starting Time: 0930
2. Name/nicknames: Zhang Yang/Cockroach/Lamb/Yang
3. Best Friends: Jing Yang, Jeanette
4. Sexiest Friend: Can’t really think of anyone right now
5. Dumbest Friend: A lot of them
6. Smartest Friend: Jing Yang
7. Shyest Friend: Don’t have any
8. Most boring person: Me
9. Who Do You Get Advice From: Jing Yang
10. Height: 168cm (I wonder if I have grown…)
11. DOB: 22/02/87
12. Hair Colour: Black
13. Eye color: Dark brown
14. Shoe Brand: Whatever that looks nice on me and is not too expensive
15. Do u Crack any Body Parts: I hope not
16. Pets: 2 turtles
17. Siblings: None
18. Boyfriend/girlfriend: Boyfriend
19. Crush?: Too many to count, but I got over them a long time ago
20. Which teacher wuld u kill?: Quite a few. Not going to tell you who though
21. Laughed so hard u peed in your pants?: Never
22. Ate a Tub of Ice Cream: That used to be my favourite pastime
23. Ran Into a Glass Door: Forever doing that (clumsy me…)
24. Went into rotten.com: Is it nice?
25. Gone Skinny Dipping: No
26. Got hit by a car? Almost
27. Ran into a parked car: No ******Girls Fill Out About Guys or guys about themselves****
28. Boxers or Briefs: Anything. Not that I will know anyway
29. Tall or short: Tall
30. Does size matter: Depends
31. Six-pack or Muscular Arm: Six-pack. Not too muscular please. It scare me. Feels like I am going out with a gorilla
32. Body or Personality: Personality. Can I have both?
33. Ear Pierced or not: Anything
34. Sporty or Outdoorsy: Outdoorsy
35. Good Guy or Bad Guy: I don’t really care as long as you truely love and treasure me
36. Light Hair/ Dark Hair: Dark hair
37. Hat or No Hat: Don’t know
38. Tan or No Tan: Whichever’s fine. Just not white as in paper white

******Guys Fill Out on girls OR girls about urself ***(I am not a lesbian, so I shall skip this entire section)
39. G or regular:
40. Tall or Short:
41. Long Hair or Short:
42. Dark or Light Eyes:
43. Light/Dark Hair:
44. Ears Pierced or Not:
45. Curly or Straight Hair:
46. Good Girl/Bad Girl:
47. Hair Up or Down:
48. Sporty or Classy:
49. Chicken or Not Afraid:

******Which One is Better******
51. Coke or Pepsi: Coke
52. KFC or McDonalds: KFC
53. Cats or Dogs: Dogs
54. Coffee or Tea: Tea
55. Sour or sweet: Sour
56. Vanilla or chocolate: Vanilla
57. Cake or cookies: Depends
58. Day or night: Night
59. Lights on or off: Lights on
60. Winter or summer: Winter

*** Favorites***
61. Foods: Can I name more than one? Okay then, ice-cream
62. Animal: Dogs
63. Favourite quotes: Not really a quote person
64. Do you believe in God? Not really
65. What do you want to be when you grow up?: Someone with value
66. Define True Love: When you keep thinking about that person. When you smile everytime you two talk on the phone or meet up. When everything turns beautiful all of a sudden. When you feel it.
67. Where were you Born? China
68. Favorite place to be kissed? Anywhere
69. Favorite day of the week: Friday
70. The last person you received an email from: Aaron
71. Bedtime: 12am
72. Favourite bands: Backstreet Boys, S Club 7
73. Favourite color(s): White, Pink
74. Satan or god or atheism: None

****More Questions****
75. Do you love someone right now?: Yes
76. Do you care about someone?: Yes
77. Do you think of someone everyday?: Yes
78. Do you think someone is special in anyway?: Everyone’s special
79. Ending time: 1000

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Happy Mother’s Day

One more Mother’s Day has gone by. I didn’t do much today. I simply sent my Mum a SMS wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day and thanking her for taking care of me all these years. It was nothing much, but I hope she feels my appreciation for her and my love for her too.

To all the mothers out there, I just want to thank each and everyone of you. You work hard all your life to provide for your family. You sacrificed the best part of your life and youth for us kids who sometimes take you for granted. Just remember that we love you and that we really appreciate all that you have done for us and the family.

To the mother of boyboy: Auntie, I know that you probably will never get to read this, but I still really want to thank you for bring him into this world. Thank you for being his mother and loving him as I know you did. Thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day

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A friend just sent me a really sad Singapore Junior College love story. Go and read it. It is a bit draggy, but it is really sad. It got me crying.If anyone knows how the story ends, please tell me because you have to purchase the book online in order to know the ending and I don’t really want to do that.

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Class Outing

Today the whole class skipped the NM lecture and NSL to go for our class outing. We were supposed to meet at Jurong Entertainment Centre at 3pm. Our previous lesson ended at twelve, so Jeanette and I made a beeline for SIM canteen. She had Tom Yam Mee Hoon Kway while I had Chicken Katsu Don. DELICIOUS!

Then we went to Jeanette’s house where she dumped her file and grabbed her jacket. I got to see her dog. It is SO CUTE. I want a dog too! 😦 Then we went to my house and chilled out for a bit before heading down to Jurong Entertainment Centre to get the cake and put it at Pizza Hut. It was 3.30pm by the time everyone arrived. We proceeded to the ice skating place and we had two hours of fun, plus a few bruises here and there. I fell down five times in total and I have a really bad bruise on each of my knees. I met Jing Yang at the entrance of the ice skating place. I told her that I have dinner with my class and she said to call her when I am done.

Then we went to Pizza Hut to have dinner. I realised that my handphone is totoally flat, so I had to borrow Jeanette’s handphone to call him because I was a fraid that he would get worried if he cannot reach me. Good thing he wasn’t angry. He wanted to come down, so I said okay. I went off early to meet Jing Yang. I borrowed Jing Yang’s handphone to message him, telling him that we will at the arcade. We played two games of basketball before he came and he had dinner at KFC while we chatted with him. Then, Jing Yang went off first and we went to the Juring east Library before he sent me home.

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Life Goals

I have been thinking a lot about my future and my life in general. When I first got into this diploma, I was really very excited because I felt that I could finally do something that could help someone directly. I was really proud to think that one day I will be a nurse.Then, someone, whose opinion matters a lot to me, told me some not-so-nice things about nursing. That I can’t really help patients because the people who really do help the patients are the doctors because they give the treatments, not us nurses. That we just clean people’s backside and we don’t really do anything that will actually make a difference to someone’s life. That really hurt me. I started to lose confidence that I made the right decision in coming to this course.

Then, this guy who is really special to me, told me that he was really proud that I will become a nurse one day. He thinks it is noble job. He says that he says with pride when people ask him what I do that I am studying to become a nurse. That was so sweet. This coming from a person who means a lot to me really gives me back the confidence I lost in becoming a nurse. Thank you, dear.

I know that I will not want to remain as a staff nurse forever. That will be too boring for me and I will not be able to take it. So, this is what I have in mind right now about my future. So I will finish my diploma and I will work two or three years at one of the acute hospitals (probably TTSH since I am used the environment there). By then, I hope that my relationship problems can be settled. Then, I will probably get a Degree and specialise in something. Either that or I go and get a Degree in something that is not really related to nursing, how about a Degree in Psychology? Since I have already promised a certain someone that I will not go to the US, I guess it will probably be somewhere like Australia (that is, if I ever get to do a Degree in the first place. Wait. Degree = study. Oh no. I hate studying…). As for after that, I have not reached that point yet.

So, this is what I have in mind right now. Any comments, anyone?

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