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Friendster Deactivated

As some of you may have already realised that I have cancelled my Friendster account. Of course I have my reasons for doing so…

  • I am more of a private person, there’s not much that I want to share with the world.

  • I don’t need this kind of thing to prove to myself that I have worth. One of the most important reasons why I joined Friendster was because I was feeling really down back then. I kind of wanted to prove that I am not THAT detestable and that maybe someone will actually want to be my friend. Since I have already proved my point, I don’t feel that need to stay on it any longer.

  • I don’t need “superficial” friends. I just need a few really close friends who will be there for me always and whom I can really trust. You know who you are, don’t you?

  • I will not lose contact with my friends. We can still chat on MSN and the phone.

These are the reasons I have come up with so far. They are more than enough to convince myself to deactivate my account.

See you on MSN, people!

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