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I have not been to Sentosa for don’t know how many donkey years. I just went there yesterday with Jeanette and gang, namely, Jeanette, Kimberley, Kar Yin, Xiu Yi and Serene. We were supposed to meet at Harbour Front MRT at 11am, but some of them were late, so I ended up listening to a stupid lecture on saving scheme from Prudential respresentatives. Then we went to have lunch at Kopitiam and Jeanette joined us shortly.

After that we each bought a ticket from the machine and boarded the monotrain which took us to Sentosa. We alighted at the Beah station and we took a lot of pictures at the Siloso Beach. Then we went to play the Skytrain and the Luge. It is so much fun. I don’t really care about the Skytrain, but I really like the Luge. It’s so FUN!

I bought ice-cream from New Zealand Natural, as recommended by my boyfriend. I had the Hokey Pokey and the Black Cherry flavours. It is simply delicious. The only drawback is that the ice-cream melts too fast. YUM!

After that we took the monotrain back to Vivo City and I went home to bath before going for tuition.

It was a great day. I got a little sunburned, but it’s not that bad.

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Rain and Books

I seriously hate the weather these few days. It just makes me want to curl up with a good book at home, which is why I am into the quest of finding a good book.I used to dislike buying books, because I thought it was such a stupid thing to do when you can borrow all the books you want from the National Library for FREE. Now, I am craving to buy a good book. There is a sense of satisfaction knowing that you own a good book. I miss that good feeling. It is all Eudora’s fault and that second-hand book fair at Jurong East Entertainment.

So people, do you have any good book that you think I will enjoy? Something light-hearted and witty? I am more into non-fiction books right now.

Help me out here?

Both English and Chinese books are fine…

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Ask Me

Yippee! My examinations are finally over and I have the whole of next week to enjoy myself before I start attachment at SGH. I went blog-hopping and I came across this on Eudora’s blog:

1. I’ll respond with something random about you.
2. I’ll challenge you to try something.
3. I’ll pick a colour that I associate with you.
4. I’ll tell you something I like about you.
5. I’ll tell you my first/clearest memory about you.
6. I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I’ll ask you something I’ve always wanted to ask you.
8. You must post this on yours.

Eudora did this for me:
1. Rabbit! Haha. Your name sounds like lamb or goat but you always end up using ‘rabbit’ for usernames and stuff. Haha.
2. Bake an apple pie! Something you’ve not done yet, hee.
3. Pink.
4. You forgive me no matter what weird shit I do to you, and I can see you after not having seen you for months, and it’s like we never stopped going to school together at all.
5. You were the first ‘older sister’ I had, hee. You gave me a purple candle which I still have and can’t bear to burn, even during a blackout when it’s the last candle in the house. That’s the best memory. First memory is that we met in Secondary 2 during some weird Mathematics puzzle competition, and we were working out the same puzzles together.
6. Dog! One of the really tall, graceful ones and loyal to the end.
7. If you absolutely have to choose a favourite food, what would it be?
8. You must post this on yours.Thank you, Eudora. To answer your question, if I absolutely have to choose a favourite food, I think I will choose ice-cream. I always feel much better after I have had ice-cream if I am unhappy or sad. Brandon knows this and he buys me ice-cream whenever I am unhappy or sad. Especially McFlurry from McDonald’s. I absolutely love it.

This is from Mariem:
1. Damn cute, because you’re damn blur. Hee. XP
2. Try not to smile so much? Haha.
3. Pink, and you know why, right?
4. You’re damn sweet.
5. Clearest memory would be the ride home from sending Eudora off. Talking about our boyfriends and the things they do. Haha. we’ll talk about them again, okay? Haha.
6. Rabbit. Well, you’re really innocent and sweet, and because we’re both born in that year. Hee.
7. How do you manage to keep your figure despite eating so much? Haha. =P
8. You must post this on yours.

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Bloody MSN

Guess what? Until I find a solution to this virus problem that has been causing me so much trouble, I am not using MSN.One fine day, I signed into MSN and I received this message from one of my nursing juniors saying that she found this nice picture and that she want to show me. I acccepted it. IT IS NOT A PICTURE, IT IS A VIRUS!

Apparently, this virus is really smart and it sends this same picture to contacts in my MSN, using my name, so it appears that I am delibrately sending my friends a virus. I got quite a few people cursing me the moment they talk to me online. At first I was rather confused, then I understood what was hapening and I put a warning in my MSN display name.

Now, everytime after logging onto MSN, my computer will start to lag. At first I was puzzled, then I realised that IT WAS THE VIRUS AT WORK, using me to spread the virus around.

I am so sick and tired of this. So I will not be using MSN for some time, if not forever. If there is anything anyone wants/needs to send to me or communicate to me, please do so through by e-mail.

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Happy Birthday, Singapore!

I know it is a bit late to be sying this, but as the saying goes “it is better late than never”, so here goes: Happy Birthday, Singapore!

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Is it No-ice-cream-for-Zhang-Yang Day or what?I went out with Jing Yang to Causeway today. As usual, we had lunch and then we shopped around a bit. Just before we were about to go home, I suddenly had this craving for ice-cream, so we went to McDonald’s but the staff say that the ice-cream is too soft. Then we went to Mos Burger where I wanted to get a Vanilla Milkshake but I was told that the ice-cream machine broke down. Next, we headed to KFC, where they do not sell ice-cream at all. Having no choice, I decided to try get a Mr. Softie from 7-Eleven. Guess what, they don’t have Mr. Softie! Jing Yang said there is a shop called Gelare that sells ice-cream, so we went up to the third floor, only to find out that it is $4.20 for a one-scope of ice-cream. THAT IS DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!

Jing Yang asked me if someone put a curse on me, not allowing me to have ice-cream today. Whoever you are, you’d better watch out…

How I wish I have a McFlurry right now… Sobs…

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