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Is it No-ice-cream-for-Zhang-Yang Day or what?I went out with Jing Yang to Causeway today. As usual, we had lunch and then we shopped around a bit. Just before we were about to go home, I suddenly had this craving for ice-cream, so we went to McDonald’s but the staff say that the ice-cream is too soft. Then we went to Mos Burger where I wanted to get a Vanilla Milkshake but I was told that the ice-cream machine broke down. Next, we headed to KFC, where they do not sell ice-cream at all. Having no choice, I decided to try get a Mr. Softie from 7-Eleven. Guess what, they don’t have Mr. Softie! Jing Yang said there is a shop called Gelare that sells ice-cream, so we went up to the third floor, only to find out that it is $4.20 for a one-scope of ice-cream. THAT IS DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!

Jing Yang asked me if someone put a curse on me, not allowing me to have ice-cream today. Whoever you are, you’d better watch out…

How I wish I have a McFlurry right now… Sobs…

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