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Stain Removal Tip

I just found a brilliant way to remove any stains from clothes.

I use Kiwi Kleen All Purpose Cleaner. Just spray some on the stain and leave it for half an hour before putting it into the washing machine to wash.

The really good thing is, it even works on materials like my nursing uniform! I have been trying all ways and means to remove the stains on my nursing uniform, but to avil. Now I hvae no such proplem.

It can be found in all NTUC supermarkets. I know Shop and Save does not carry it, but I am not too sure about Cold Storage.  

Hope this is helpful.


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SGH Ward 72 Attachement

I have just finished my two weeks of attachment at Ward 72 of Singapore General Hospital. It was an interesting experience.

This is an oncology ward. I have always presumed that an oncology ward would be very scary, the patients would all look very pale and withdrawn, the relatives silently weeping in the corrdior. However, this was not the case in Ward 72. The patients are all cheerful and the relatives are also very easy-going.

No, Ward 72 is more of a haematology ward than an oncology ward. Haematology deals with diseases of the blood, where the chance of recovery is much higher, with the introduction of procedures such as cord blood transplant and bone marrow transplants.

However, I am still rather sad because there are teenagers as young as 16 years old who have to stay in the hospital because of their condition.

Well, this attachment is already over, so I should get myself ready for the next attachment at Ward 75. Wish me luck!

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Funny SMS

Jing Yang sent me a really hilarious SMS sometime ago and I want to share it with everyone…

祝你天天笑嘻嘻!因为:郭富城扶你下飞机,郑伊健给你当司机,刘德华陪你上楼梯,黎明帮你按电梯,周董替你拿手机,张学友帮你拿东西,F4 给你烤烧鸡,成龙帮你倒垃圾,就连我也要给你发信息,很开心吧!

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Birthday Present

Okay, after almost eight months of waiting, I finally received my birthday present from my favourite cousin, Vania. Yesterday, she messaged me, saying that she changed my birthday present and that it is very special and unique. I was filled with a sense of anticipation.

Guess what she got me? Water Babies. It’s a kind of fertilizer, which you put in a bottle and it grows. It’s not THAT bad really, I was just thinking of what could happen…

For example, I wake up in the middle of the night and I am feeling thirsty. I look around in my half-opened eyes and see this bottle filled with strange bubbles. My mind by then would not have registered that this is in fact fertiliser and therefore NOT EDIBLE and I happily drink it, maybe frowning a bit at the funny taste.

Hmmm… I wonder, will I start growing plants from my mouth?!

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Attachment at SGH Ward 52B

I had a really great attachment at SGH ward 52B. The staff there are all so nice. They are all so willing to teach and guide even people like me, who is not exactly very intelligent. They go out of their way to ensure that we get all the practice we need for the different skills.This is a small neurology ward, with only 18 B2 beds and 2 A1 beds, which is probably why they are more relaxed and have the time to really coach us.

Before I came to SGH for attachment, I always thought that TTSH is the best hospital and that is definitely where I will be going after I pass out as a staff nurse. However, nowI feel that SGH is not all that bad too. It seems a little less stressed in SGH than in TTSH and SGH has all the most advanced medical equipment.

They also have fitted bedsheets, which saves the staff the hassle of having to tie the bedsheets at the ends (It’s not so bad when the bedsheets are big enough. It’s a nightmare trying to tie a bedsheet that is way too small for the mattress, but you still have to because it is already the biggest available or that it is the last piece left).

Plus, they have air-conditioning. I don’t know about the other wards, but at least ward 52B has. I know I used to complain that the air-conditioning is freezing me to death, but I think it is true that I will not feel the cold after I become a staff nurse thanks to all the turning and running about.

Considering all the points above, I won’t mind working at SGH after I pass out. I think it will be really great if I could work at ward 52B.

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