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Attachment at SGH Ward 52B

I had a really great attachment at SGH ward 52B. The staff there are all so nice. They are all so willing to teach and guide even people like me, who is not exactly very intelligent. They go out of their way to ensure that we get all the practice we need for the different skills.This is a small neurology ward, with only 18 B2 beds and 2 A1 beds, which is probably why they are more relaxed and have the time to really coach us.

Before I came to SGH for attachment, I always thought that TTSH is the best hospital and that is definitely where I will be going after I pass out as a staff nurse. However, nowI feel that SGH is not all that bad too. It seems a little less stressed in SGH than in TTSH and SGH has all the most advanced medical equipment.

They also have fitted bedsheets, which saves the staff the hassle of having to tie the bedsheets at the ends (It’s not so bad when the bedsheets are big enough. It’s a nightmare trying to tie a bedsheet that is way too small for the mattress, but you still have to because it is already the biggest available or that it is the last piece left).

Plus, they have air-conditioning. I don’t know about the other wards, but at least ward 52B has. I know I used to complain that the air-conditioning is freezing me to death, but I think it is true that I will not feel the cold after I become a staff nurse thanks to all the turning and running about.

Considering all the points above, I won’t mind working at SGH after I pass out. I think it will be really great if I could work at ward 52B.

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