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SGH Ward 72 Attachement

I have just finished my two weeks of attachment at Ward 72 of Singapore General Hospital. It was an interesting experience.

This is an oncology ward. I have always presumed that an oncology ward would be very scary, the patients would all look very pale and withdrawn, the relatives silently weeping in the corrdior. However, this was not the case in Ward 72. The patients are all cheerful and the relatives are also very easy-going.

No, Ward 72 is more of a haematology ward than an oncology ward. Haematology deals with diseases of the blood, where the chance of recovery is much higher, with the introduction of procedures such as cord blood transplant and bone marrow transplants.

However, I am still rather sad because there are teenagers as young as 16 years old who have to stay in the hospital because of their condition.

Well, this attachment is already over, so I should get myself ready for the next attachment at Ward 75. Wish me luck!

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