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I Lost My MP3 Player


I was late for work today and I was very irritated with myself (I hate being late becasue I hate lateness). I rushed into the tea-room to get ready and I left my MP3 player in the side pocket of my bag, where it is visible to all!

When I finished work, I realised that my MP3 player is lost.

To tell the truth, I don’t really care about the lose of the player itself, I care more about the data that is inside the data. Although there is nothing illegal inside, of that I can be sure, but that means that I have lost all the songs I have painstakingly accumulated through the years. Although I can still download them again, but think of how long that will take!

Besides the songs, I lost all the photos too! So people, if you happen to have any photo that has me inside, please send them to me, either through MSN when you see me online, or through email. Thank you in advace.


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Today was really embarrassing. Toatlly humiliating.

After attachement at TTSH, I went down to school to take the NAPFA test as I did not go the last time due to a very bad headache.

I have finished the sit and reach, standing board jump, shuttle run and sit-ups (I will have to retake this one because I flubked this and I will fail the whole thing if I fail any one of them).

So I started ny 2.4km run. I was supposed to run six rounds in total. When I fhinished the second round, I was feeling nausea and short of breath. Everything was blur and I was having leg cramps. The paramedics saw this and they came over to ask if everything was alright. I said that I felt like fainitng and they brought me aside to sit down and rest. They gave me glucose diluted with water. They meansured my heart rate and oxygen level. The paramedics say that I have irregular heart beat so they decided to send me to NUH A&E for a thorough checkup.

They did an ECG for me and I spent two hours waiting in the bloody trolley waiting for a doctor to see me. Guess what? They tell me that there is nothing wrong, gave me an appointment with the cardiologist and some medicine and sent me home.

Not only did I flunk my NAPFA test, I have also managed to thoroughly humiliate myself. Now I wwish that there is really something wrong with my heart so that I least I don’t feel like an idiot.

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Honey Stars


I had a sudden craving for cereal with milk today, so I went to the supermarket and got myself just that. The supermarket I went to do not have the cereal I usually have, so I decide to try Honey Stars cereal.

A friend of mine once told me that he loves Honey Stars cereal and he must have it for breakfast every morning. Now, that coming from a 23-year-old guy, just sounds wrong.

I used to hate eating cereal when I was young (it’s probably due to the fact that Mum used to cook oats for me every morning when I was attending Primary School till the point that I want to puke just thinking about it. I think I kind of mixed oats and cereal up). Then, some time in Secondary school, I started liking cereal again, but I always thought that stuff like Honey Stars is too childish for me and I stuck to the brand Post (it’s a little more expensive, but their cereal is really good).

After eating Honey Stars with milk, I realised why that friend of mine loved Honey Stars so much. If you allow the stars to saok in the milk for a bit before eating, the stars taste really creamy in the mouth. Plus, this cereal does not become soggy that fast like the Post cereals. They are still crunchy even when you have soaked them in milk for five minutes.

You never know, I might just start to love these starry things after all.

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Obession With Food

Like all things about me, I do things periodically, which means that I will do/eat the same thing over and over again until I get so sick and tired of it that I never want/eat to do it ever again. 

The same goes with food. It used to be stir fired baby cabbage about a week ago, until I threw up one day ( I still don’t know why I threw up though). Now I am quite scared of eating stir-fried baby cabbage, least I throw up again, although I still like it very much. The Economic Rice stall in TTSH Kopitiam serves really good stir-fired baby cabbage. The baby cabbage is tender and cooked just right and with the right amount of salt and oil. Yum!

Now my new obsession is indian rojak. There is this indian stall at TTSH Kopitiam that sells really nice indian rojak. The potato is perfectly cooked and there is this doughy thing (I don’t know what it is called) that is really yummy. The sauce is crunchy with chopped peanuts and the tast is just right. Man, you’ve really got to try this. It’s heavenly.

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The Feather Merchants

from-the-stacks.jpgThis is the third book of the five that I have choosen for this book challenge. This is a hilarious book of thirteen short stories. You will be laughing from the first page at the simpleness of the Chelm people. They aree such a cute bunch. Some of the theories they came up with, they leave me speechless with their sheer stupidity.

This is a good read if you want something light.

With this kind of progress, I should be able to finish all the five books by the end of December, or even by Christmas.

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Animal Farm

from-the-stacks.jpgI never thought I could actually finish an English literature, but I did. Oh My God, I am so proud of myself. Yes, I have finished reading Animal Farm by George Orwell.

This is an really interesting book about how the animals in Animal Farm had a Revolution and the animals run the farm by themselves. George Orwell is really smart in how he portrayed the characteristics of a dictaorial leadership through the animals.

He showed how propaganda works and the aeefect it has on the public (represented by the rest of the animals on Animal Farm. He showed the curelty of a dictator through the selling of Boxer to the slaughter house after all the hard work he put in in the building of the windmill. 

This is a good book if you want to understand how propaganda works and how it affects lives.    

Animal Farm

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PRCP at The Start

Right, so I have managed to manage to survive one week of Pre-Registration Clinical Placement (PRCP) in ward 9C of TTSH. So, this is what has been happening to me for the past two weeks.

5 November 2007

Today is the first day at TTSH. I have not been here for so long, this place feels a bit unfamiliar. Anyway, today is Orientation conducted by Lay Hoon. Nothing much, she just told us how to do well during PRCP and stuff like that.

She commented to me that I have lost weight and she sounded very concerned when she asked if everthing is alright. That’s the thing I love about her. She really cares about each and everyone of us sincerely.

Have I really lost so much weight? Is it really that obvious?

6-9 November 2007

So I have started my PRCP for real. I am rather scared that I will commit some error unknowingly and fail my PRCP, but it is no use worrying about it. I guess I will just do my best and hope that everything turns out well.

I am now working as an AN in the ward, doing all the junior stuff, for this week and the next. I will only start taking case on the thrid and fourth week onwards. This is good in the sense that it enables me to understand the ward routine before I start to do junior staff nurse work.

All is well except that the ITE students can really make me puke blood. They are so irresponsible! They leave things half-done, they do things just to get their logbooks signed and they always don’t come back when they said they would. They diasappear without telling anyone where they are going and reappear again the the ward HOURS later, acting as if nothing happened.

Once, I asked an ITE student to help me take two hourly parameters as I have to finish the hypocount round before the diets are served to the patients. She agreed to do it, but she said that she has to tell her friends about the break time. I mean it is okay if you go for five to ten minutes. No, she took half an hour. When she came back, she wnet into the cubicle where I happened to be in and asked her friend to go for break RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. She probably didn’t see me, and when she did, she smiled at me as if nothing is wrong. In the end, I did the hourly parameters and everthing else. I did not see them until we were about to pass report to the afternoon staff.

Sometimes I really have the urge to either kill them or tell them off right in the face. Really.

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