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Christmas Special

I’ve always wanted an English Christmas. The kind where you gather at an old English house (bunglow) with the whole family. The house will be will warm and inviting, with a nice fire at the fireplace while it snows outside. The floors does not necessarily have to be carpeted, although they are most likely to be carpeted. There will be a real pine tree in the living room with Christmas decorations put up by hand by the whole household. There will be loads of beautifully wrapped presents under the tree, all waiting to be opened.  

Everyone in the house has arrived and the feast begins.  There will be roasted turkey stuffed with delicious filling hand-made lovingly by the mother. There will also be the puddings and the logcake and everything else. There willl be warmth and love as the dinner continues well into the night. After a delightful feast, everyone goes to bed.

Christmas Day is finally here and the family gathers around the Christmas tree and start exchanging presents. There will be exclamations and shouts of joy from the children. The family then goes out and watches a play or something like that.

Christmas Day draws to an end and everyone starts to leave, one by one, until the whole house is filled with nothing but the memories. 

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all! May everyone have a blessed year ahead and may all you wishes come true.


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Kidnapped and Moby Dick

from-the-stacks.jpgI guess I am not the literature and the classics kind of person. I have difficulty understanding all the old English. That’s what happened to the last two books that I am supposed to read for the From The Stacks book challenge.


One is Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson. It talks about how young David Balfour, went to look for an unkown uncle, Ebenezer Balfour of Shaws, after his father’s death. His uncle tricked him into boarding a ship at Queen’s Ferry, where he was to be sold to America as a slave. After much struggle and some help from friends, he managed to secure his inheritance.  

Anyway, the summary at the back of the book goes like this:

When David Balfour is orphaned at the age of seventeen he learns of the existence of an unkown uncle, Ebenezer Balfour of Shaws. Arriving at Shaws with an introductory letter his father had entrusted to the recotr, he finds a miserly uncle in a dilapidated mansion. He is tricked into boarding a ship at Queen’s Ferry and is kidnapped to be sold into slavery in America. He meets Alan Breck Stewart, a hunted Jocobite, and when the ship is wrecked thay are hunted across Scotland till David finds his fortune.

The other classical book that I have read is Moby Dick by Herman Melville. This books is even harder to understand than Kidnapped because of all those old navy words used. It is basically talking about whaling and Captain Ahab’s obsession with killing Moby Dick. Moby Dick is the sperm whale that took off one of his legs. I don’t agree with whaling as I think it is a cruel thing to do. Whales are hunted solely for the spermaceti oil that is stored inthe head of the whale. After the precious oil have been collected, the rst of the body is thrown back into the sea.

Here’s the summary:

Ishmael, a schoolmaster drawn to the sea, tells a story of obsession for revenge. We meet Queequeg, Tashtego and Daggoo, the three harpooners, and the mates and crew of Pequod serving under Captain Ahab who is determined on revenge on the great white whale, Moby Dick. The whaling life is hard and dangerous for death is always present as we follow the men of the Pequod on their hunting. But Captain Ahab seeks only Moby Dick, the whale who seems to know and understand those who hunt him.


 With that, I have completed my From The Stacks book challenge. 

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Nineteen Minutes


I think it is really not overboard when  I say that Jodi Picoult is a superb writer.

What can you do in nineteen minutes? How much can you accomplish in nineteen minutes?

This high school student killed ten students and wounded nine others in the short span of nineteen minutes.

Just based on this incident alone, Jodi Picoult managed to write a very interesting 568-page book. Now, that alone is an achievement. I, for one, can never do that, and I believe that many people cannot do that too.

So he goes to court to face his charges and startling truths are revealed.

You think that it’s happily ever after after he has been sentenced to jail? Read it for yourself.

Let me give you the summary at the back of the book:

Sterling is a small ordianry New Hampshire town where nothing ever happens – until a student enters the local high school with arsenal of guns and start shooting, changing the lives of everyone inside and out.

The daughter of thr judge sitting on the case should be the state’s best witness – but with her boyfriend dead and her childhood friend charged with murdershe is struggling to remember what happened in front of her own eyes…


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Christmas Wishlist

Disclaimer: This list is only a reference for those people who want to get me something for Christmas (bless you and thank you) and don’t know what to get for me. If you think I will like what ever you are going to give me, just give it to me. I have faith in you, whoever you are.

Right, here is my Christmas wishlist:

  • set of four Dan Brown books (I saw it at Jurong East Popular)
  • a thick diary (to use for next year)
  • The Chocoalte Run by Dorothy Koomson
  • Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult
  • Yakuza Moon
  • Mp3 player
  • Refillable planner (weekly planner)
  • Nokia 5200 0r 5700 handphone
  • Tarot cards
  • “The Family Stone” DVD/VCD
  • Wild Swans by Jung Chang
  • “Why Why Love” VCD
  • “Devil Beside You” VCD
  • Slingbag (that can put A4 size things)
  • Bolster

That’s my lot. Wishlists, people. If not I will just get you anything that I think you might fancy, so don’t blame me if you don’t like what you get. Post your wishlist in your blog or drop me a line in the Comments and I will see to it, yeah? 

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Guys: Give Thanks For Women!

Hey. I found this really interesting article on the Web today. It is Guys: Give thanks to women!  That goes to show how great we women are. This is for you, all you guys out there.

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The Cupid Effect

The Cupid EffectWhen I saw the last copy of The Cupid Effect stading on the shelve in Jurong East Popular, it was as if it was waving to me “You know you want me, so come and get me!”.  I fell right into the trap and bought the book.

Of the three books written by Dorothy Koomson that I have read, I like The Cupid Effect the most. This book is the first book that Dorothy Koomson wrote and I seriously think that it is the best.

This book talks about a certain lady by the name of Ceri D’Altroy who left her sheltered life in London, to go all to Leeds to follow her heart’s desire in becoming a psychology lecturer.

Now, tell me, how many people actually have that kind of courage to follow one’s heart desire? I, for one, am not sure if I will have that kind of courage, that is if I actually KNOW what my heart’s desire is. Following your heart’s desire normally means coming out of your comfort zone and doing that something that you know will make you happy. However, there is also every chance that you may just make yourself really miserable.

Here is the summary at the back of the book:

After departing London to follow her heat’d desire to become a psychology lecturer, Ceri D’Altroy vows to leave her matchmaking ways behind her for good.  Unfortunately, all she seems to do is inspire the new people she meets to change their lives.

There’s Ed, who’s decided to declare his love to a woman who is way out of his league; Mel and Claudine, two long-term friends whao are now tempted to start an illicit affair; and Gwen, the chain-smoking head of department who has a deep, dark secret she only wants to share with her new employee.

No one who comes into contact with Ceri is ever the same again.

Could this unsuspecting young woman be a modern-day Cupid?

I wish I could meet someone like that too. I think my life needs some serious sorting-out. 

Sounds cool, huh? Go and check this book out. You know you want to read it!

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