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 I seriously don’t know what kind of luck I am having today. Everything was fine when I started out. I went to Jurong East Popular but they don’t have the book I am looking for. The kind staff said that the Popular in IMM might have that book, so I went to IMM. It turns out that the IMM Popular don’t have that book too. I got a few things that I need, a Mcflurry and boraded the shuttle bus that took me to the opposite side of the back of Jurong East Popular.

As I was crossing the road half-way, the straps on my right shoe snapped. It snapped at the side such that there is nothing that can anchor my feet in the shoe.

The nearest place where I can get a decent pair of shoes is in Jurong East Centre, where I have to walk quite a long way.

I attepted to walk with one shoe on and one shoe without, but I got so fed up in the end I took off both shoes and walked barefooted through Popular and through the linkway to Jurong East Entertainment Centre. 

Now I fully appreciate the cleaniness of Singapore pavements. I walked barefooted for at least 2 kilometers and nothing happened. If this were to happen in China, I don’t know how my holes I will have in my feet by the time I reach home.

When I reached the pedestrain crossing, a cab just happened to pull up in front of me. I jumped in and got home. I paid the cab fare by NETS.

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