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When I saw the notification for recruitment of air-stewardess in the SIA website, I was delighted. I have always dreamt of being one of those pretty girls I see on the airplane and going to all sorts of places.

The interview is on the 27th of January. I really wanted to go. Even if I can’t get in, at least I kmow that I have tried.

I asked Mum about it and she asked me to talk to Dad about it. I kind of expected her to encourage me to go, so I was a bit disappointed by her answer.

Then I thought about it. I spend three years in polytechnic to become a nurse, and I become an air-stewardess without even working as a nurse at all? Isn’t that dumb?

Then my Mom gave me even more reasons why I should not go for the interview. She says, what if I actually got in, what will I do then? I have not finished my diploma. I will have a lot of headache deciding whether to accept the offer or not.

I thought about it and came to a conclusion.

I will work as an actual staff nurse for one to two years in probably TTSH. Then I will go for the SIA interview if I am still interested in becoming an air-stewardess by then. If I get in, I can happily become an air-stewardess or remain as a nurse. If not, I can continue to be a nurse until I know what my calling really is.

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