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IMM is the place to go if you want to get basics. For those of you who don’t know what ‘basics’ are, they are design-less pieces which are my, and should be your, fashion foundation.

Guess what? I just got two racerback tops (I just found out that they are called racerback tops and not tank tops. What’s the difference, anyway?) for $12.80 and a sexy black spaghetti top from C.O.A.X for $12.60 (10% dicount for THIS FASHION members). Three tops under $30. This is good.

Plus, I just found a really nice mini denim jacket and other equally good mini-cardigans at C.O.A.X. I think I will be going back there really soon, once I have a bit more spare cash. 

I have a date with my Mum to go shopping with her at Orchard on Sunday. Hope I will manage to find lots of really nice clothes.


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