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The Nanny Diaries

” The Nanny Diaries” is one delicous book. This book is written with just the right amount of humor that is fresh and funny, and just the right dose of sarcasm to make the book feel young and lively. This is seriuosly a great book not to be missed.

For those of you who are new to reading, let me give you a tip of advice about choosing a book. If a book can make you want to do any of the following three, it’s a great book.

  1. You wish you were a character in the story becasue he/she is so perfect.
  2. You hate a character so much that you wish you could either give her a good  shake to wake her up or strangle her to death so that he/she will not cause anymore misery to the people around him/her. 
  3. You want to be best friends with a character in the book.

If you happen to feel any one of the above, that book you are reading must be a really good book. It means that the author has successfully evoked a certain feeling from you, a feeling so strrong tht you feel you have to act upon it.

I can safely tell you this is a great book, because I am feeling one of the three listed above. It is the second one. I can tell you that I really hate Mr and Mrs. X. They are not fit to be parents. They really disgust me. To them , a child is just an ornament to their “perfect” marriage. The child is a trophy to be shown off to friends, a live doll to dress up when the mood strike them. Mrs. X is not fit to be a mother. She knows nothing about mothering or what a child needs. She can’t do anything on her own. Without a maid, a nanny and a housekeeper, she will be living in a pigsty. She can’t even find a bow tie for her son! All she knows is how to doll herself up and trying to do things that will please Mr. X, althought it backfires most of the time. She’s like a dog that wags its tail when the owner is home, begging for some attention, but the master (Mr. X) doesn’t even give her a glance. I wouldn’t too, if I were Mr. X. She is just a pretty vase who can’t do anything right. She made all the stupid rules for her four-year-old son to follow and she thinks she has the right to monopolize everyone’s time just because she is paying them. She over-utilises people and she thinks lowly of everyone else. I HATE her.

Alright, here is the summary at the back of the book. You read the book and tell me what you think of Mrs. X.:

In between looking after four-year-old Grayer and running a thousand errands for Mrs X, his rich, uptight Manhattanite mother, Nan is tring to have a life. There’s colleage, shopping, her friends, her cate George. And the gorgeous Harvard boy from the sixth floor…

But the X family’s dramas keep intruding – visits from Mr X’s predatory mistress, catastrophic family outings and, as a final straw, the case of the marriage-destroying panties. As divorce looms, Nan realizes how attached she’s become of the X’s underloved son – and how nannying has become more than just a job. 

You know, this book really gives me the urge to try nannying. It sounds fun. You get to meet interesting people, you get pretty well-paid, and you get the expereince of a lifetime. Who knows, maybe I will meet somone hot, just like Nan did. I think I might trying nannying during the two months of vacation before I start work at TTSH. I just hope I don’t get an emplyer like Mrs X.


This is the movie trailer.

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