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Favourite Post Meme

I was blog hopping and I came across this Favorite Post Meme. I haven’t done a meme in a while, so I thought I will do this.

Rules: Go back through your archives and post the links to your five favorite blog posts that you’ve written.

Link One must be about family.
Link Two must be about friends.
Link Three must be about yourself.
Link Four must be about something you love.
Link Five can be anything you choose.

Post your five links and then tag five other people. At least two of the people you tag must be newer acquaintances so that you get to know each other better. (Readers: don’t forget to read the archived posts and leave comments.)

Link One: This one is about Mother’s Day.

Link Two: This one is about Eudora’s old blog.

Link Three: This is the day when I didn’t get to eat ice-ream when I really wanted to. 

Link Four: This is the booklist that I have put up for the TBR 2008 reading challenge.

Link Five: This is actually another meme. It’s kind of fun. Scarely accurate. 

The five people I tag to do this meme:

  1. Eudora
  2. Priyangi
  3. Grace
  4. Mariem
  5. Nadiah

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Ice Skating

Today I went ice-skating with three of my friends. It was really fun. I would have gone more often if it were cheaper. It costs $58.80 for a group of four, but it is for an unlimited number of hours. Cool. It’s not that bad. I fell fown a total of 7 times. My left buttock is still hurting from one particular bad fall. Well, it is a lot less than expected. I kind of expected myself to fall at least 20 times or so. We skated from 12pm to about 4.30pm, with breaks and two times when everyone was ordered out as they had to clear the ice. I had fun, but I also got two huge blisters at the heel. I wore ankle socks, that’s why. It’s not like I want to wear ankle socks, I don’t have any other socks! So, the conclusion is always wear high socks when ice-skating. Haizzz…

At first, I had to hold onto the railing to balance myself. Hello, I have not skated for about 6 years. It is a wonder that I actually managed to stand at all! Anyway, later, I finally managed to skate without holding onto anything, although still a little shaky.

I want to go again! I love it! I am so enviuos of all those people who can skate so well.

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Magic Performance

Today D3 had our gathering. We met at Wisma Atria (I was late. Sorry, Eudora and Grace!) and made our D3 rings there and had our lunch there. Then we went to Plaza Singapura to meet Eudora’s fiends, who will be performing magic for us. My, it was really an eye-opener for me. “Wow” is about the only word I can use to describe this experience. You will never believe what these two guys, Hanson and Brandon (I hope I got their names right!) can do with just stacks of poker cards: Brandon flips a stack of poker cards and ask me to stop him anytime I want. He then shows me the card and ask me to put it back in the stack and wash the cards. He then coughs and the card drops out from his mouth and it is the exactly the card I chose! It is so cool!

Here is another one: Hanson folded a card into four and asked Eudora to select a quadrant. He then crossed out the other three quadrants and asked Eudora to write the name of a guy who is special to her in the quadrant she selected earlier on. Obviously, Eudora wrote Chee Jun’s name. Hanson then asked Eudora to firmly grab his arm and think very hard about the initials of the guy. When Eudora released his arm, the initials of CJ slowly showed on his arm. It is incredible and a bit freaky too.

I sense something fishy between Hanson, Brandon and Eudora. I feel that Henson really likes Eudora and Eudora confessed that she likes Brandon. Hey! I was not the only person who noticed this! Grace notice it too. So, we have a relationship problem here. Henson is younger than Eudora and Eudora have no idea if Brandon likes her or not. Hohoho…

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