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New Blog

Right, here ends this blog, which has kept me company for so many years and have seen me through so much.

As of today onwards, I willl be using a new Blogger blog.

Thanks for all the support and comments.

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MICU Posting

Whew! I have finally managed to survive the two weeks of attachment at MICU at TTSH.

I mean, I did learn a lot of things there, but the cold gets to me. I am shivering even though I wore another layer under my uniform.

I got to see some really interesting procedures though. I saw how a CVP line is inserted and I even got to assist a few times. I saw insertion of IA line, extubation and even cornea harvest. They are all really interesting because they are the procedures that I don’t get to see in the general ward.

This marks the end of all my attachments. Yippee! 

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PRCP Reviewed

Today is the start of the last week of my PRCP attacment in ward 9C. After that I will be going to 6B for my specialised posting.

It has been three years already. So much has changed. I still remembered how it is like in year 1, when we are still called Freshies. I remember being so excited and clumsy during the attachements. All we did then was taking parameters and bed-making.

Then we went on to year 2  and we learnt more. We did more things during attachment such as hypocount, draining urine, doing dressings and so much more. All those fun times we had planning the FOC 2006 camp.

Now we are in the final year, with a few more months to go before we pass out as actual Staff Nurses. I still remembered being scared when Lay Hoon told us during the Orientation that we are supposed to take twelve cases by the end of the PRCP posting and act as the Principle Nurse. I was thinking,” Twelve cases? I don’t think I can even handle six.” Now I have no problem with twelve cases at all. Although I still need more practice in areas such as discharge, transfer, booking of appointments and last office, but I am sure I can funtion as a Staff Nurse.

That is, if I actually manage to pass my PRCP (that will be a miracle). Putting aside the fact that I have made two near-miss of medication errors, I am having a lot of problems signing my logbook in the PDA. The stupid PDA is giving me so much problems. At first I cannot log in the the NPalm Assessment, so I went all the way to school and Kylie fixed it for me. Now, it’s the same problem all over again. I can log in, but I cannot enter into my logbook. Damn it! 

[Add] My Clinical Facilitator/Instructor just told me that she is not failing me because of the two near-miss of medication errors. YES! Now if I can just get my logbook signed, I can (hopefully) pass my PRCP after all.

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Birthday Wishlist

Like what I always do, I will post my birthday wishlist at the beginning of my birthday month so that you guys have time to buy the gifts if you actually want to get me something.

Like I always say, this is just a reference:

  • Wild Swans by Jung Chang (Book)
  • The Baking Bible (Book) – Priyangi, this is a replacment for the baking book you gave to me for Christmas. I lent it to someone, but I can’t remember who I lent it to! It will be the best if you can get that book for me. I can’t find it anywhere! It is called Greatest Ever Baking or something like that. If you can’t find it, then this book is okay. If you intend to get me anything, get me either of these two books. Love you so much!
  • MP3 player

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When I saw the notification for recruitment of air-stewardess in the SIA website, I was delighted. I have always dreamt of being one of those pretty girls I see on the airplane and going to all sorts of places.

The interview is on the 27th of January. I really wanted to go. Even if I can’t get in, at least I kmow that I have tried.

I asked Mum about it and she asked me to talk to Dad about it. I kind of expected her to encourage me to go, so I was a bit disappointed by her answer.

Then I thought about it. I spend three years in polytechnic to become a nurse, and I become an air-stewardess without even working as a nurse at all? Isn’t that dumb?

Then my Mom gave me even more reasons why I should not go for the interview. She says, what if I actually got in, what will I do then? I have not finished my diploma. I will have a lot of headache deciding whether to accept the offer or not.

I thought about it and came to a conclusion.

I will work as an actual staff nurse for one to two years in probably TTSH. Then I will go for the SIA interview if I am still interested in becoming an air-stewardess by then. If I get in, I can happily become an air-stewardess or remain as a nurse. If not, I can continue to be a nurse until I know what my calling really is.

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 I seriously don’t know what kind of luck I am having today. Everything was fine when I started out. I went to Jurong East Popular but they don’t have the book I am looking for. The kind staff said that the Popular in IMM might have that book, so I went to IMM. It turns out that the IMM Popular don’t have that book too. I got a few things that I need, a Mcflurry and boraded the shuttle bus that took me to the opposite side of the back of Jurong East Popular.

As I was crossing the road half-way, the straps on my right shoe snapped. It snapped at the side such that there is nothing that can anchor my feet in the shoe.

The nearest place where I can get a decent pair of shoes is in Jurong East Centre, where I have to walk quite a long way.

I attepted to walk with one shoe on and one shoe without, but I got so fed up in the end I took off both shoes and walked barefooted through Popular and through the linkway to Jurong East Entertainment Centre. 

Now I fully appreciate the cleaniness of Singapore pavements. I walked barefooted for at least 2 kilometers and nothing happened. If this were to happen in China, I don’t know how my holes I will have in my feet by the time I reach home.

When I reached the pedestrain crossing, a cab just happened to pull up in front of me. I jumped in and got home. I paid the cab fare by NETS.

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Cute Thing

I was blog-hopping and I found this on Nadiah’s blog. This is for Nadiah:

I like Nadiah.
Nadiah is cute.
If I were alone in a room with Nadiah, I would talk with her.
I think Nadiah should dress up more.
Nadiah needs confidence.
I want to be like Nadiah.
Do this for me too, especially those people who are in my links. Just let me know in the Comments of you want me to do one for you:
___ Zhang Yang.
Zhang Yang is ___.
If I were alone in a room with Zhang Yang, I would ___.
I think Zhang Yang should ___.
Zhang Yang needs ___.
I want to ___ Zhang Yang.
As requseted, this one is for Eudora:
like Eudora.
Eudora is very cute.
If I were alone in a room with Eudora, I would talk crap and eat ice-cream with her.
I think Eudora should have faith in herself.
Eudora needs someone to love her as she is.
I want to hug Eudora.
Now, for Jeanette:
like Jeanette (I’m not a lesbian!).
Jeanette is irritating at times but a good friend.
If I were alone in a room with Jeanette, I would do all sorts of crazy things with her.
I think Jeanette should find a boyfriend.
Jeanette needs to accept people into her life.
I want to be friends forever with Jeanette.

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