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MICU Posting

Whew! I have finally managed to survive the two weeks of attachment at MICU at TTSH.

I mean, I did learn a lot of things there, but the cold gets to me. I am shivering even though I wore another layer under my uniform.

I got to see some really interesting procedures though. I saw how a CVP line is inserted and I even got to assist a few times. I saw insertion of IA line, extubation and even cornea harvest. They are all really interesting because they are the procedures that I don’t get to see in the general ward.

This marks the end of all my attachments. Yippee! 

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SGH Ward 75

I have just finished my attachment at Ward 75 of SGH.

When I first stepped into Ward 75 on 22 October, all the staff nurses were poker-faced. I groaned to myself, “Oh no, how am I going to survive the two weeks here?”

It turned out not really that bad. The nurses became friendlier once we got to know them. It’s just that they don’t really take us as junior staff nurses who are going to pass out soon, but rather as EN and AN. I think I will be able to pass with flying colours if I were training to be an EN or AN.

Let’s not talk  about that stupid ward anymore. I am more worried about my PRCP right now. I heard from my teacher and friends that they will throw six patients at you and expect you to do evreything. I am so DEAD. The most I have done is two cases at one go, how am I going to make survive with six. I still have so many thing that I don’t know, like how to discharge a patient and I am totally clueless about all the diferent drugs, the indications, the side effects and all. HOW?

I realised just recently that I work better when I am in a good and carefree mood. How I am going to achieve that I have really no idea. However, I do know that I operate better when I have enough sleep. I am really not one of those people who can still perform when they had only two hours of  sleep the night before. So I had a good rest last night and only woke up at nine this morning.

As for the good and carefree mood part, maybe a good book or a bicycle ride along east Coast Park might help. Since it is the weekends now, I am going to do jus that. Let see what happens then.

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SGH Ward 72 Attachement

I have just finished my two weeks of attachment at Ward 72 of Singapore General Hospital. It was an interesting experience.

This is an oncology ward. I have always presumed that an oncology ward would be very scary, the patients would all look very pale and withdrawn, the relatives silently weeping in the corrdior. However, this was not the case in Ward 72. The patients are all cheerful and the relatives are also very easy-going.

No, Ward 72 is more of a haematology ward than an oncology ward. Haematology deals with diseases of the blood, where the chance of recovery is much higher, with the introduction of procedures such as cord blood transplant and bone marrow transplants.

However, I am still rather sad because there are teenagers as young as 16 years old who have to stay in the hospital because of their condition.

Well, this attachment is already over, so I should get myself ready for the next attachment at Ward 75. Wish me luck!

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Attachment at SGH Ward 52B

I had a really great attachment at SGH ward 52B. The staff there are all so nice. They are all so willing to teach and guide even people like me, who is not exactly very intelligent. They go out of their way to ensure that we get all the practice we need for the different skills.This is a small neurology ward, with only 18 B2 beds and 2 A1 beds, which is probably why they are more relaxed and have the time to really coach us.

Before I came to SGH for attachment, I always thought that TTSH is the best hospital and that is definitely where I will be going after I pass out as a staff nurse. However, nowI feel that SGH is not all that bad too. It seems a little less stressed in SGH than in TTSH and SGH has all the most advanced medical equipment.

They also have fitted bedsheets, which saves the staff the hassle of having to tie the bedsheets at the ends (It’s not so bad when the bedsheets are big enough. It’s a nightmare trying to tie a bedsheet that is way too small for the mattress, but you still have to because it is already the biggest available or that it is the last piece left).

Plus, they have air-conditioning. I don’t know about the other wards, but at least ward 52B has. I know I used to complain that the air-conditioning is freezing me to death, but I think it is true that I will not feel the cold after I become a staff nurse thanks to all the turning and running about.

Considering all the points above, I won’t mind working at SGH after I pass out. I think it will be really great if I could work at ward 52B.

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OT and ED Posting

Operating Threatre (OT) Posting

I got to scrub for a case (Left Hand Wound Exploration KIV Tendon Repair). It is kind of scary being the scrub nurse. You have to anticipate what the surgeon will want, you have to know the preferences of different surgeons and you basically have to know how the operation will be conducted so that everything can be prepared in advance.

Other than the case that I scrubbed for, there was really nothing much to do except stand in the operating room like an idiot and look as the surgery is being conducted.

THE PLACE IS SO FREEZING COLD! I was wearing two layers and I was still shivering like a leave.

The other thing is that it is really troublesome when it comes to mealtime. We are not allowed to wear the scrub gowns out of the OT and it takes almost 15 minutes to change, so many of us bring our own food to eat.

Emergency Department (ED) Posting

ED is much better than OT. At least it is not so cold there (except for the Critical Care Area (CCA)). There are also more things to do there. I had a good time doing ECGs, putting what I learnt in school to actual practice.

I witnessed an incident and it made that doctor a hero of sorts in my eyes. A male patient was in a cubicle in the CCA and a male relative was talking to the patient. A staff nurse pushed the ECG cart into the room and asked the realtive to wait outside as she wants to do an ECG for the patient. The relative became angry and said, “Can’t you wait? Can’t you see that I am talking with him? What’s the hurry?” The staff nurse explained to the relative that the doctor wanted to see the ECG and the relative came out of the cubicle unwillingly. As he was walking, he turned around and called the staff nurse “stupid bitch”. A doctor by the name of Ng Y Y asked the relative, “Sir, what did you call my staff?” The relative replied, “I called her a stupid bitch. Do you have a problem with that? Do you want to go to the police?” The doctor told the relative, “No one scolds my staff this way. If you want to go to the police, we can go to the police.” He walked up to the relative and the two of them walked out of the CCA, as if they are really going to the police. Although I don’t know what happened in the end, but I am full of admiration for this doctor. It is very rare for doctors to stand up for a nurse.

Basically, I had some fun in the OT and ED, but I am so glad that they are over and I will be going to the ward soon. This is my first time in an SGH ward. I wonder how it will be like. I am kind of really excited about it.

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Gynaecology Posting

I have just fnished my one week of gynaecology posting at ward 61 of KKH and it was … interesting. I really learnt a lot of stuff there, it’s just that it is really terribly cold there. It is a B1 ward so it is fully air-cinditioned. Going into the ward is like going into spring.
The staff there are really really nice. I might consider going there to work. It is just a tad far from my house. What to do? All the hospitals are so far. So it is either TTSH or KKH.You know, I just realised that nurses really doesn’t have much of a life. They work in shifts and plus the time used on travelling, they don’t really have much time to do anything else. Nine-to-five job suddenly sounds so tempting.

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Clinical Attachment at IMH

I have just finished three days of clincal attachment at the Institue of Mental Health. It is quite boring at times because there are not that many things to do as compared to the other general hospitals. However, it is still a fun experience because everything is done differently there.

In the general hopitsals, the medications are brought to the patient at the bedside. However, it is not done so in Institute of Mental Hospital. The patients will be called to the medication trolley one by one and served their medications there. The patient have to finish eating their medications before moving away.

Doctors’ rounds are done very differently done in Institute of Mental Health too. Instead of the doctors going to the patient’s bedside one by one to check on the patient, the patient is called to a room. Insides the room, there will be the doctor, the nurse, the medical officer and all related staff asking the patient questions to assess if the condition has improved or deteriorated. I sat in during one of the doctors’ rounds and it felt like an interview. However, the atmosphere in the room was very relaxed.

The patients are really interesting. At first, I was a littled scared of the patients because they looked quite withdrawn and I did not know how to approach or talk to them. However, after these three days of interacting, I find them to be really interesting. They are all pretty harmless because all the patients in my ward are more stable as compared to those in the opposite ward. It is interesting to watch and get to know them.

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Clinical Attachment

The first week of my clinical attachment is finally over. Here is an account of it…Monday – 18 December 2006
Today was my first day of attachment at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. It is so boring there! There is nothing to do there. I seriously wonder how I am going to survive these two weeks. Help!

Tuesday – 19 December 2006
My period just came today and I was totally unprepared for it! Everything was in a mess. The good thing was that I did not stain my uniform. Hehe!

Wednesday – 20 December 2006
Today was rather peaceful. I bathed an infant under the supervision of my lecturer. I made so many mistakes!

Thursday – 21 December 2006
I don’t know what is wrong with me today. I woke up at four in the morning and vomitted six times. Then I went to the hospital as usual feeling very nausea and weak. My lecturer and even the Sister noticed that I was not well. My lecturer told me to go and get some breakfast, and she said that she will send me straight home if I still look as pale after that. I went down to the Kopitiam at first floor and bought myself a cup of hot milo, but I threw up again after that. However, I felt much better after that and I stayed to finish my shift as I did not want to have to make up on Saturday. I went to see a doctor after that and he said that it was stomach flu. He gave me some medication and I am feeling much better now. I really think that I will be a very good nanny if I ever were to become one. I really know how to coax kids to do things. I had a cousin in China and we were very close. It was hell when it was time to feed him because he would run about and refuse to eat. I was the only one who could coax him to eat. There is this girl in my cubicle. She is really pretty, but she does not talk much. She is always crying and asking for her mother. Her cries are really deafening. I seem to be the only one who could coax her to not cry. I even got her to go back to her bed and I managed to get her to bathe and wash her hair. After her bath, she was really active and we played until I went back home. Hehe…I feel quite pleased with myself…

Friday – 22 December 2006
That girl has been discharged. Boo-hoo! Nothing much happened today.

That was the first week of my attachment. Hope you liked that.

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