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Honey Stars


I had a sudden craving for cereal with milk today, so I went to the supermarket and got myself just that. The supermarket I went to do not have the cereal I usually have, so I decide to try Honey Stars cereal.

A friend of mine once told me that he loves Honey Stars cereal and he must have it for breakfast every morning. Now, that coming from a 23-year-old guy, just sounds wrong.

I used to hate eating cereal when I was young (it’s probably due to the fact that Mum used to cook oats for me every morning when I was attending Primary School till the point that I want to puke just thinking about it. I think I kind of mixed oats and cereal up). Then, some time in Secondary school, I started liking cereal again, but I always thought that stuff like Honey Stars is too childish for me and I stuck to the brand Post (it’s a little more expensive, but their cereal is really good).

After eating Honey Stars with milk, I realised why that friend of mine loved Honey Stars so much. If you allow the stars to saok in the milk for a bit before eating, the stars taste really creamy in the mouth. Plus, this cereal does not become soggy that fast like the Post cereals. They are still crunchy even when you have soaked them in milk for five minutes.

You never know, I might just start to love these starry things after all.


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