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Pepper lunch

This is my second time eating at Pepper Lunch. I had Curry Lamb Pepper Lunch set, complete with a drink of my choice of orange juice and “Kuromitsu” soft ice-cream. For someone who loves her mutton and who is really picky when it comes to food, I find it really delicious. The taste of the mutton is not too strong, and together with the curry sauce, the corn and the cheese, it is heavenly. The mutton is fresh and tender and the cheese makes the whole thing really sticky and nice, just the way I like it. YUMMY!

The “Kuromitsu” soft ice-cream is really DELICIOUS. It is actually raw sugar caramel! The taste of the caramel enhenced the creamy taste of the ice-cream and it is not too sweet. It is absolutely FANTASTIC. Anyone who has a sweet tooth like me will love this.

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Pepper Lunch

I just tried a new eating place today. It is a Japanese fast food place called Pepper Lunch at IMM. The food there is really nice, except that it quite expensive. I had Pepper Lunch Salmon. It looks something like this…
I like this place not only because the food is nice, but also because the service is equally good too. When the food came, I had absolutely no idea how to go about eating it. Seeing this, the service stafff explained to me, without me asking, that I was to mix everything together and then add in the sauce of my choice. Shen then brought me a tray of sauces. There are honey brown sauce, garlic, salt and pepper. I like the honey brown sauce the best. They are having a promotion now, so the rice plus a bowl of corn soup costs $8.80. The corn soup is really good. The combination is perfect. You’ve got to try it when you have some extra cash.

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