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Life is so Fragile

I just finished watching this Taiwanese drama serial on Youtube called Silence, which is also known as Shen Qing Mi Ma. It is acted by Vic Zhou (Zhou Yu Min), Andy Hui (Xu Zhi An) and that Korean actress who acted in Da Chang Jin. It really made me think of a lot of stuuf.

I realised that life can be so fragile. One minute you are fine and the next minute you can be diagnosed with cancer and only have three more months to live. What would you do if you only have three more months to live? How would you spend the precious three months? What do you want to accomplish in the three months? What should you do to bring the level of hurt to the minimum for the people you love and those who loves you?

As Eudora said: “You can plan and plan for the future and sometimes it all goes wrong. Living for the moment has its own special blend of insanity, spontaneity and attraction that sometimes only two people can share.” So, I have decide to live everyday now as if I am going to die the next day. It’s going to be hard with all the stresses in life, but I will try.

I don’t need much in relationships. I just need someone who can love me silently, hold me in his arms and tell me that everything is alright when I am hurting, who can sit down together with me and just spend the whole afternoon reading books in a park or something. Love can be so simple and I am glad I have already found that special someone. Thank you, dear.


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Vivo City

Yes! Common test is finally over! I can just get ready to fail Nursing Science 4. I seriously don’t know how to answer the questions. I wrote a whole load of crap.I went to Vivo City for the first time ever today. It is really big. I love it, not for the new fashion shops, but for its waterfront promenade of 300m. It feels really good to stand at the railing looking out towards the sea. It makes me feel as if I am on a star cruise. The feeling is just incrdeible. You’ve got to experience it for yourself to know what I am saying.

Hey, I just finished watching this Taiwan drama show. It is really funny. Anyone looking for a good laugh and some romance should definitely watch it.

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Which Star Are You From?

I have just finished watching the Korean drama serial “Which Star Are You From?” on Youtube. It is just so sad. I cired at the part where the lover had to breakup due to parental objection on the girl’s side.
However, I heave learnt that true love can withstand separation and time. That sounds really complex. In other words, if a guy really loves you and you love him back, no matter how long and far you two are separated, you will still love each other and there will be no change of heart on either side. That is true love. True love is also sacrificing yourself so that your loved one will not get hurt. Ah, love.
That leading male actor is so handsome! I am totally in love with him!

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Prince Charming

I have been watching the Korean Drama Goong or Princess Hour in Youtube. This show is quite okay except it is a bit…boring. I mean it does make me dream, but not as much. Anyway, comparing Yul and Shin, I think Shin looks more like a prince. It probably have something to do with his height . A prince should be tall (at least to me) . Okay, so he is not handsome enough, but at least he has got the height! If only he’s more dashing, then he will really be my Prince Charming (in my dreams, of course).

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Hot Guy

I have been watching Full House on Youtube, one part here and one part there. When I have time after my examinations, I must go and borrow the series and watch. Anyway, that’s not the main point. The main thing is that I found Kim Sung-Soo really handsome and cute, so I looked for a few of his pictures. Hope you like them!

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