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My CREATIVE MuVo V200 is not working too well. I can no longer listen to the radio. Boo-hoo!
I am thinking of getting either an iPod or another CREATIVE product. My main use will be listening to my songs. It would be great if it has FM radio function, that would be a bonus. What do you all think? Which one should I get?I am a bit hesitant about getting CREATIVE products after reading an article in the newspaper some days back. The author apparently bought the CREATIVE version of iPod at a cheap price, which spoilt three months after the purchase. The service staff could not fix it. She compared the CREATIVE and the Apple version and she said that the Apple iPod is much better than the CREATIVE version in many ways. That is why I am not sure if I should get another CREATIVE product and have it malfuction after some time. How long after the purchase of an iPod does it start to malfunction?

Right, so let me do some comparing of my own. In terms of pricing, iPod is more expensive than CREATIVE in general. In terms of functions, they have different functions. If I get an iPod, I can listen to songs, watch videos, use it as a removeable storage, view pictures and watch movies (if the product suppoorts it). While CREATIVE may have fewer funtions, but it has FM radio, which is very important in my opinion. The capacity is not much of a problem as both comes in various disk space. What I am more worries about is the durablity of the product.

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