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Eugene Loh – A Slice of Life

My Mum has been nagging me for weeks to help her find out about this Eugene Loh person who hosts this radio column thing called “A Slice of Life”. I went online and found out that this Eugene Loh guy is actually 938 LIVE ‘s Music Director. Wow… I found the A Slice of Life podcasts that my Mum want. They have a newsletter, so I keyed in my e-mail address and they send the podcasts to my e-mail everyday. Out of curiosity, I read it and it is surprsingly good. What it says is really true. Here, go and read it for yourself.

A Slice of Life – Eugene Loh


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I was at Plaza Sinagpura today and I found two shops which I have totally in love with. One is Made With Love and the other one is Spotlight. They are so fantastic. They have everything I will need to make a brillant scarpbook. This is really COOL.

Made With Love is this newly-opened shop that sells everything from paper with at least a hundred designs to stickers of every imaginable kind to glitters to inks which can make your paper look very different and stamps, with lots of different patterns for you to choose from.

Spotlight has everything that you will ever need. They have stuff like fur trimmings, pressed flowers (I don’t know if they are real), cloth of every colour and texture and lots of other things. This is a really good shop if you are into making jewellery. They have lots of bead in different sizes and lots of little cute ornaments. This shop is so GREAT.

I felt like a kid in a toystore when I was in those two stores, I behaved like one too.

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