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Obession With Food

Like all things about me, I do things periodically, which means that I will do/eat the same thing over and over again until I get so sick and tired of it that I never want/eat to do it ever again. 

The same goes with food. It used to be stir fired baby cabbage about a week ago, until I threw up one day ( I still don’t know why I threw up though). Now I am quite scared of eating stir-fried baby cabbage, least I throw up again, although I still like it very much. The Economic Rice stall in TTSH Kopitiam serves really good stir-fired baby cabbage. The baby cabbage is tender and cooked just right and with the right amount of salt and oil. Yum!

Now my new obsession is indian rojak. There is this indian stall at TTSH Kopitiam that sells really nice indian rojak. The potato is perfectly cooked and there is this doughy thing (I don’t know what it is called) that is really yummy. The sauce is crunchy with chopped peanuts and the tast is just right. Man, you’ve really got to try this. It’s heavenly.


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