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These are the neoprints Jeanette, Kar Yin, Kimberley and I took on last Wednesday when we went to Orchard during our 3-hour break.

I took this with Priyangi Mariem and Eudora when we met yesterday.

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YES! I am back from the FOC camp and still in one piece. LOL. It was really fun and I had so much fun. This is what happened during the four days and three nights that I was in school…

Induction Day
I arrived at school at 8 plus and we dumped our bags at the BCLS laboratory. Then we ushered students from the NP bus stop all the way to Lecture Hall 20, where the induction will be held. After all the students have arrived, we each took a small group of freshies and TRIED to get them to talk and get to know one another, but it is rather hard as they are sitting side-by-side in two rows. So Yati, Mahathir, Harry and I introduced ourselves and I named our droup CHIHUAHUA. It is cute, isn’t it? After that, it is one boring talk after another by the Principal, Doctor Phang and many others. We GLs, took the time to practice our cheer. After all the talks, it is time for GLs o perform our cheer. Then it is the video presentation of the trial camp. Then we brought our freshies on a campus tour, which ended up at block 80. There was a reception there and I had my lunch there. Then I went over to Eudora’s house as I promised her. I got a bit lost on the way but I manged to get there after all. She found a stray Chihuahua near her house and she called the SPCA. After much hassle, the SPCA wanted her to locate the dog so that they can send someone over to catch it, so I had to go with Eudora in the pouring rain to find the sick dog, but we couldn’t find it. After Eudora finished already-cold garlic rice and egg, we slacked in her room, listening to music and reading about dogs. At 4 plus, Eudora bathed and got ready to go to PLaza Singapura to meet her friend for a special screening of a horror movie, and they have no idea what movie will be shown. I went with her to PS, hoping that I can find something to watch too, but nothing was good. It was still early, so I thought I would go to Magic Hall and just enjoy the quietness there. Guess what? It started raining heavily and I was drenched by the time I reached Magic Hall. It was really crowded in there, with all the magicians. Brandon called and we talked on the phone till about 7pm, and I went back to school. They were eating pizza and KFC. I had my sugar roll which I bought on the way back to school and my friend’s one tube of Oreo. Then it’s slack time. We collected our red t-shirt (which is to be worn on the third day for the NP tele-match), the lime green t-shirt which is to be worn tommorrow and we finished up our group identities. Yati gave each of the GLs and GM of KING KONG a cuff with the words KING KONG on it and everyone was so envious. I went to sleep in the freezing BCLS laboratory. Brrr…

Day 1
I woke up at 6 plus. 3 hours of sleep. I washed up and we moved all our bags and the equipments needed for the games in the next three days to block 72. Believe me, it is really tiring. The good thing is, it helps you to wake up, not that I need any help with that. Then it is ushering the freshies from the SIM bus top to block 80 where they will register, pay up $15 and sit in the Lecture Hall. After all the registeration is complete, the GLs went in group by group to call out their freshies and bring them to block 72. My group is KING KONG. The freshies put down their bags and we played ice-breaking games and taught them a few group cheers that we came up with at the last minute. I am the Games Master (GM) in charge of KING KONG together with Ghazaly while Harry and Yazid are the GLs in charge of the group’s welfare. Then it was time for lunch. We sat in one circle and sang the Tick-Tock cheer. After lunch were some clean games, followed by wash-up and dinner and preparation for the performance on the second night. Then, SLEEP! GLs gathered at the BCLS laboratory to debiref about the first day and to go through the scheduke for the second day. Some of the GLs slept at the BCLS, but I know that I will get a horrible sore throat if I were to sleep in an air-conditioned room, so I opted to sleep together with the freshies in block 72. By the time I went to sleep, it is already 3 plus.

Day 2
I woke up at 6 plus, another 3 hours of sleep. Then it was breakfast followed by dirty games. The game I am in charge of together with Ghazaly, Mahathir and Hariz is called the Volcano Erupt. Basically, the freshies will sit in one circle and support a pail filled with coloured water with their feet. Two group willl challenge each other. The group whose pail topples loses. The two group have to keep cheering while they are supporting their pail. We GMs will splash water, so by the end of the game, everyone will be soaked, whether you want it or not. Everyone had lots of fun (or at least I hope so). After all ythe games have been completed, the GLs and GMs were resting and Hariz realised that I was very clean. So, a few of them pinned me down while Keen Hong squeezed water from his shirt (they played a number of other games, such as the Egg Crawler and Soapy Dog and Bone, so they have lots odstuff on their shirts. There is only one word to describe it: GROSS. Then they filled a pail of water and added yellow food colouring and poured the whole pail on me (good thing it is food colouring or else…). Keen Hong was laughing that I have jaundice. -DOTS- After that was dinner and wash-up. Then we had the performance at Lecture Hall, floowed by the nightwalk. I stayed behind to look after the freshies as I really did not want to have any ghostly encounters. They were showing horror movies and I TRIED to sleep without much success to sleep by lying behind the chairs. Then Kylie asked who wanted to go back to block 72 to rest as it was getting rather late and I jumped at the chance. So I went back to the Examination Hall with a group of freshies. It was 3 plus by the time I got to sleep.

Day 3

I woke up at 6 plus. 3 hours of sleep. AGAIN. After breakfast, we had some games. Then we went for the NP telematch. I cheered until I was almost hoarse, but HS still came in last in every game. Haizzz…Then, we brought the freshies back to pack up their stuff. After the debrief for the freshies, it was photo-taking time. After the freshies have gone home, it was debrief for the GLs. Then, Home Sweet Home!

Hence ends the FOC. It is not too bad, but it can be better.

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Merry Christmas!

Yesterday was Christmas Day and I had such a good time at my Eudora’s house. Let me tell you what happened.

I woke up at about 9.30 in the morning and started to bake the Eve Pudding immediately after brushing my teeth and washing my face. Then I changed into my clothes and went downstairs to get onto the cab which I have called for a little ealier, just before I came out of the house. When I reached Eudora’s house, she was out with her family for lunch and her maid let me in. I dumped the pudding in the kitchen and retired to Eudora’s room to read books while waiting for her to return. She came home shortly, and Priyangi came too. We played Cleudo (It is so fun. I am so getting this game, but definitely not the small one) and Taboo. We felt hungry so we went downstairs and had Priyangi’s Chocolate Mousse and my Eve Pudding. Priyangi’s Chocolate Mousse was absolutely fantastic. My Eve Pudding was not too bad too, except that it is a little too sweet (but Eudora’s Mum loved it!). Then we watched Outbreak and we had such fun analysing the story.

At about 6.45pm, Mariem the Princess is finally here. We had Canadian Pizza and I had six pieces. Then we went up stairs and exchanged Christmas presents and the latest happening in our lives. We stayed till about 9pm, when we caught a ride to Clementi MRT station from Priyangi’s Dad.

I did not sleep a wink last night, all thanks to Priyangi. She added some coffee powder into the Chocolate Mousse and I ate it without knowing it ( I only got to know about it as I was eating it, but it was too late). I am extremely sensitve to caffine. So, I tossed and turned in bed from 12am till 5 am. Thank you so much, Priyangi. At least I managed to survive the day!

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Shopping at Plaza Singapura

The gatherings for D3 will never be complete, will it? The last time it was Priyangi (she is having school) and Mariem (she is working). This time it is Grace (she flew to China and I didn’t even know it). Haizzz…

Anyway, we basically shopped and eat, that’s basically all we did. I have always thought PS to be more of a upper-class place so I have never shopped there, as in really buying stuff. However, I don’t know if it is because I was with my “gang” or what, but I just found the clothes there to be really nice and rather affordable too. So I ended up buying three tops (2 T-shirts and one halter-top) and buying a T-shirt for Eudora as her Christmas present. The clothes are really nice. Now I finally understand the power of retail therapy. I have always thought that that retail therapy is just a fancy name people give to their urge to splurge. Now I understand that it can actually really make a person (take me, for example) feel really good.


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Ice Skating

Today I went ice-skating with three of my friends. It was really fun. I would have gone more often if it were cheaper. It costs $58.80 for a group of four, but it is for an unlimited number of hours. Cool. It’s not that bad. I fell fown a total of 7 times. My left buttock is still hurting from one particular bad fall. Well, it is a lot less than expected. I kind of expected myself to fall at least 20 times or so. We skated from 12pm to about 4.30pm, with breaks and two times when everyone was ordered out as they had to clear the ice. I had fun, but I also got two huge blisters at the heel. I wore ankle socks, that’s why. It’s not like I want to wear ankle socks, I don’t have any other socks! So, the conclusion is always wear high socks when ice-skating. Haizzz…

At first, I had to hold onto the railing to balance myself. Hello, I have not skated for about 6 years. It is a wonder that I actually managed to stand at all! Anyway, later, I finally managed to skate without holding onto anything, although still a little shaky.

I want to go again! I love it! I am so enviuos of all those people who can skate so well.

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Vivo City

Yes! Common test is finally over! I can just get ready to fail Nursing Science 4. I seriously don’t know how to answer the questions. I wrote a whole load of crap.I went to Vivo City for the first time ever today. It is really big. I love it, not for the new fashion shops, but for its waterfront promenade of 300m. It feels really good to stand at the railing looking out towards the sea. It makes me feel as if I am on a star cruise. The feeling is just incrdeible. You’ve got to experience it for yourself to know what I am saying.

Hey, I just finished watching this Taiwan drama show. It is really funny. Anyone looking for a good laugh and some romance should definitely watch it.

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GL Meeting

Wow! The only words I can use to discribe the GL meeting today (or rather, yesterday, because it is already past midnight. Oh yeah! It is a brand new day. Okay, whatever) are “rough” and “tiring”. We played a total of 4 games. We are trying out the games that we are thinking of incorporating into our Freshmen Orientation Camp next year.
I don’t know the name of the first game. It is played such that the whole group is divided into two teams of equal numbers and they are to stand in one straight row and interlock their arms, after randomly numbering themselves. Then one group will start the game by saying,” Roger, Roger, please send number (a number)” Then that number from the opposite team will come out and try to break through the linked arms. I think it is probably because I look weaker, they kept coming at me. I had three guys come at me consecutively three times. Harry came and whacked his head right into my stomach.
*Ouch* Then Samuel came and whacked me at my side. *Ouch* When he was breaking through the link, he used too much strength and my whole body flew up as he drove past me.
The second game was called ” Chemical Ions”. It is played like this: there will be one chaser and one runner and the rest of the team will form into groups of threes (also known as a “home”). The runner will tap the outer person of a “Home” and stand there. The other outer person in the “home” will then have to catch the chaser ans so on and so forth. I know it is a bit confusing, but the main point was, I kept having to run around. Then, in a haste to escape the catcher once, I bumped into a junior (I can’t remember his name, hehe). His bones are really hard. It was almost like kncking into the concreate wall. It was really painful. After the games, then I realised that the site is swelling.
The third game is not violent at all. It is a peaceful game. We will all form a circle, then we will throw a ball at each other and the person who did not catch the ball will have to first go down on one knee, then two, on one elbow, then on both elbows, and finally the chin. No injuries here.
This is the last game. I don’t know the name to this game too. We will stand in a circle, holding each others’ hands. A pair will walk outside the circle and select a point to make a cut. The two pairs roiginally connected by the link will run in opposite directions and try to fill up the gap before the other pair does. You don’t get it, do you? Nevermind, the main point is, I don’t know what Rebecca have against me today. Everytime it is her turn to select, she will always make me run. Then they all decided to bully me. The last three pairs all made the cut at exactly the same spot, so I had to run three rounds, one after another.
They all bully me!

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