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 I seriously don’t know what kind of luck I am having today. Everything was fine when I started out. I went to Jurong East Popular but they don’t have the book I am looking for. The kind staff said that the Popular in IMM might have that book, so I went to IMM. It turns out that the IMM Popular don’t have that book too. I got a few things that I need, a Mcflurry and boraded the shuttle bus that took me to the opposite side of the back of Jurong East Popular.

As I was crossing the road half-way, the straps on my right shoe snapped. It snapped at the side such that there is nothing that can anchor my feet in the shoe.

The nearest place where I can get a decent pair of shoes is in Jurong East Centre, where I have to walk quite a long way.

I attepted to walk with one shoe on and one shoe without, but I got so fed up in the end I took off both shoes and walked barefooted through Popular and through the linkway to Jurong East Entertainment Centre. 

Now I fully appreciate the cleaniness of Singapore pavements. I walked barefooted for at least 2 kilometers and nothing happened. If this were to happen in China, I don’t know how my holes I will have in my feet by the time I reach home.

When I reached the pedestrain crossing, a cab just happened to pull up in front of me. I jumped in and got home. I paid the cab fare by NETS.


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School Printers

Urgh…Can’t the school get a few decent printers?As my home computer cannot print PDF file and my lecturer’s notes are all in PDF format, I had no choice but to go to school to print. I arrived at school at 11am. I went straight to the printing shop at canteen 2 to print. I managed to print three lecture notes with no problem. When it came to the forth one, as the file is too big, it took the printer a long time to print that lecture note. The computer nearly hanged, but good thing it didn’t. By that time, there were so many people in the shop that I thought I had better not hog onto the computer for too long. So I paid for the four lecture notes and went to the Meridien Hotel to pass something to someone very special through the help of a friend. It’s a long story, so I shall not bore you to death with it. It took me almost two hours to make the trip there and back to my school to continue my battle with the PDF files. I met my friend at the library (I think I studied too much. She asked me to help her buy bottled Ice Lemon Tea and I got her bottled Mango Tea instead. She nearly fainted. Good thing she did not, or else I would have to do CPR on her and I am very sure she would not have wanted that to happen. We had to go back to the shop to get it changed). I tried printing the last PDF file using the printer at the libray, but apparently, it is a generic printer and cannot print it the way I want it to. So we made our way up to Block 81 climbing the bloody slope. We could not print it using the first printer, so we had to use the printer in the next room. By the time I finally made it to the SIM bus stop, it was already 5.05pm.

I thought time would help me to ease my pain, but I miss him even more as time passes by. What do I do? Sometimes I really wish he would just appear beside me unexpectedly, so that I don’t feel that painful…

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Bored to Tears

Hey! I just found this really cool website where you can translate stuff into different languages. The website is http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr. Try it!I am really quite pissed with this person. My friend told me that this person has a babysitting job and I accepted it. However, she did not contact me about it at all and she also did not respond to any of the messages I posted to her. It is not the fact that I did not get that job that made me so unhappy, it is the fact that she did not do anything. I mean, it is okay if she does not need me to do it anymore. She may have found a more experienced babysitter, that’s fine! The thing is, will it kill her to simply give me a call or e-mail me to let me know that she does not need my help anymore? I waited one whole day for any message or call from her, but none came. I am really bloody pissed-off.

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First Day of Common Test

Haizzz…It is just the first day of the three days of the bloody gruesome common test and I already made a big blunder. I had my Nursing Skills Laboratory common test today and I totally did not answer the last question! So I just lost 3 marks for nothing. The thing is, I saw the question when I was reading the question paper during the reading time, but somehow I just totally forgot there is one more question. I just stopped at the second last question. What did I do in the remaining time? Sleep. I guess I was too tired. Boo-hoo-hoo! 3 marks gone just like that…

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WAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so fat! My stomach is protruding out and I have absolutely no idea what to do about it! Can someone please tell me how I can get rid of all those fats around my stomach PERMANENTLY? I feel so depressed everytime I see my stomach…

I just read this Japanese comic. It is really sweet. The direct translation is “Doughnut in the Sugar Box”. Sounds wierd, right? It is so sweet and nice. I love it. I am thinking of buying it. Something went wrong today. I went for the ELAHAH lecture (I was planning to sleep there) and as usual I got a whole stack of cards to tap. So I went into the lecture to put down my stuff and then went to tap the cards. As I was happily tapping the cards, Doctor Phang happened to be going into the lecture hall and she apparently saw me helping so many people tap all the cards, so she told my lecturer about it. My lecturer came and gave me a scolding on how this is a serious crime and all and confiscated all the cards (except mine, of course). Jeanettte is relly pissed with me right now and I am feeling downright miserable. I feel really guilty and a deep feeling of incompetence. It seems that I can never do anything right. How? What should I do now? Can someone teach me?

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GL Meeting

Wow! The only words I can use to discribe the GL meeting today (or rather, yesterday, because it is already past midnight. Oh yeah! It is a brand new day. Okay, whatever) are “rough” and “tiring”. We played a total of 4 games. We are trying out the games that we are thinking of incorporating into our Freshmen Orientation Camp next year.
I don’t know the name of the first game. It is played such that the whole group is divided into two teams of equal numbers and they are to stand in one straight row and interlock their arms, after randomly numbering themselves. Then one group will start the game by saying,” Roger, Roger, please send number (a number)” Then that number from the opposite team will come out and try to break through the linked arms. I think it is probably because I look weaker, they kept coming at me. I had three guys come at me consecutively three times. Harry came and whacked his head right into my stomach.
*Ouch* Then Samuel came and whacked me at my side. *Ouch* When he was breaking through the link, he used too much strength and my whole body flew up as he drove past me.
The second game was called ” Chemical Ions”. It is played like this: there will be one chaser and one runner and the rest of the team will form into groups of threes (also known as a “home”). The runner will tap the outer person of a “Home” and stand there. The other outer person in the “home” will then have to catch the chaser ans so on and so forth. I know it is a bit confusing, but the main point was, I kept having to run around. Then, in a haste to escape the catcher once, I bumped into a junior (I can’t remember his name, hehe). His bones are really hard. It was almost like kncking into the concreate wall. It was really painful. After the games, then I realised that the site is swelling.
The third game is not violent at all. It is a peaceful game. We will all form a circle, then we will throw a ball at each other and the person who did not catch the ball will have to first go down on one knee, then two, on one elbow, then on both elbows, and finally the chin. No injuries here.
This is the last game. I don’t know the name to this game too. We will stand in a circle, holding each others’ hands. A pair will walk outside the circle and select a point to make a cut. The two pairs roiginally connected by the link will run in opposite directions and try to fill up the gap before the other pair does. You don’t get it, do you? Nevermind, the main point is, I don’t know what Rebecca have against me today. Everytime it is her turn to select, she will always make me run. Then they all decided to bully me. The last three pairs all made the cut at exactly the same spot, so I had to run three rounds, one after another.
They all bully me!

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What a Day!

Haizzz…I really don’t know what kind of rotten luck I am having today. I didn’t bring an umbrella and it just had to rain. Although most of the way to the Lecture Theatre was covered, there was still a part that was not and I was drenched. Then I got onto bus 61 and sat down. It was really cold outside and I was freezing. It was probably because of the cold so the water from the air-conitioning condensed and became water droplets and I was seated just beneath the air-conditioning! When the bus swerved, the water droplets all came down and it literally rained in the bus… AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!😦

Finally finished the projects. I am so happy. Now I can finally relax. I’m so tired. I am going to catch up with my beauty sleep. So, ahn-nyong-i kah-se-yo (that will be goodbye in Korean). Yap, I’m having this Korean craze right now. Love Korean drama!

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