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IMM is the place to go if you want to get basics. For those of you who don’t know what ‘basics’ are, they are design-less pieces which are my, and should be your, fashion foundation.

Guess what? I just got two racerback tops (I just found out that they are called racerback tops and not tank tops. What’s the difference, anyway?) for $12.80 and a sexy black spaghetti top from C.O.A.X for $12.60 (10% dicount for THIS FASHION members). Three tops under $30. This is good.

Plus, I just found a really nice mini denim jacket and other equally good mini-cardigans at C.O.A.X. I think I will be going back there really soon, once I have a bit more spare cash. 

I have a date with my Mum to go shopping with her at Orchard on Sunday. Hope I will manage to find lots of really nice clothes.


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Friends Forever!

Yay!I am in a really good mood today. A very important is talking to me again and she has forgiven me for my forgetfulness which caused her much suffering in the past week.

Stupid Boss. Even if she does have some faults, you don’t have to scold her until so jia lak, right? Even though I did not see the actual message, I can guess that you scolded her with some really strong words, judging from her reaction. Idiot. You almost caused me to lose a very important friend. Should that have happened, I will really kill you and hate you for life.

Anyway, all’s over now and I hope this kind of thing will not happen again. I, on my part, will try not to be so forgetful and pass on the messages like I’m supposed to.

Since we are on the topic of friendship, I’ve got a meme here. I shall answer it first. I am answering about Jing Yang.

1 – Tell you why I friended you. You befriended me first
2 – Associate you with something. Teddy bear
3 – Tell you something I like about you. Always there for me
4 – Tell you a memory I have of you. You are sitting there, just listening to me rumbling on and on.
5 – Associate you with a character/pairing. Doremon
6 – Ask something I’ve always wanted to know about you. When will you get a boyfriend?
7 – Tell you my favorite user picturea of yours. You don’t use user pictures!
8 – In return, you must spread this disease in your blog.

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NSL Practical Test

Today was my NSL practical test. I had a lot of time to prepare for it, but my mind was really not on it. So, I had to stay up till two in the morning to finish up my phamplet to be used for the practical test. I only remembered that I have a Law and Ethics test today when I reached school today. As I was too nervous about the practical test, I did not study for the Law and Ethics test at all. It will be a miracle if I pass it. I was surprisingly calm during the NSL practical test. My assessor said that I was not confident enough. Anyway, it is finally over! Yeah. However, I still have PAS presentation and NS4 Spring Test tommorrow and and NSL Theory Test on Thursday. Wahh, so many things…
Last Saturday, I did my first trick for a stranger. I was on the MRT, going home after meeting Eudora and buying all the New Year clothes. There was this couple standing beside me and they reminded me of the sweet times we had, so I decided to give it a try. She agreed and she was really pleased with the tricks. Hehe. It was really fun. I still need more practice performing though. I was really nervous at first but it got better after that.

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Pepper Lunch

I just tried a new eating place today. It is a Japanese fast food place called Pepper Lunch at IMM. The food there is really nice, except that it quite expensive. I had Pepper Lunch Salmon. It looks something like this…
I like this place not only because the food is nice, but also because the service is equally good too. When the food came, I had absolutely no idea how to go about eating it. Seeing this, the service stafff explained to me, without me asking, that I was to mix everything together and then add in the sauce of my choice. Shen then brought me a tray of sauces. There are honey brown sauce, garlic, salt and pepper. I like the honey brown sauce the best. They are having a promotion now, so the rice plus a bowl of corn soup costs $8.80. The corn soup is really good. The combination is perfect. You’ve got to try it when you have some extra cash.

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Today I went to Bugis Street with Jing Yang. Oh my, I have fallen head over heels for that place. I have gone there before with my parents once or twice before, but I did not really get a good look around, or did it change a lot since the last time I have been there? Whatever! Anyway, it is really a shopper’s paradise. There are so many varities of clothes and they are so much cheaper than in other places. They have everything there. It is just so cool. I bought a pair of black shorts with white stripes for $19.90, a top for $18 and a chocker for $6.90. I am so going there again. Then again, I think it was also the fact that I was shopping with Jing Yang that made this whole shopping experience such a great one. Jing Yang is my best shopping partner. Jing Yang, I love you to bits. I can joke and really be myself when I am with you. I love shopping with you! Muaks!

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