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PRCP Reviewed

Today is the start of the last week of my PRCP attacment in ward 9C. After that I will be going to 6B for my specialised posting.

It has been three years already. So much has changed. I still remembered how it is like in year 1, when we are still called Freshies. I remember being so excited and clumsy during the attachements. All we did then was taking parameters and bed-making.

Then we went on to year 2  and we learnt more. We did more things during attachment such as hypocount, draining urine, doing dressings and so much more. All those fun times we had planning the FOC 2006 camp.

Now we are in the final year, with a few more months to go before we pass out as actual Staff Nurses. I still remembered being scared when Lay Hoon told us during the Orientation that we are supposed to take twelve cases by the end of the PRCP posting and act as the Principle Nurse. I was thinking,” Twelve cases? I don’t think I can even handle six.” Now I have no problem with twelve cases at all. Although I still need more practice in areas such as discharge, transfer, booking of appointments and last office, but I am sure I can funtion as a Staff Nurse.

That is, if I actually manage to pass my PRCP (that will be a miracle). Putting aside the fact that I have made two near-miss of medication errors, I am having a lot of problems signing my logbook in the PDA. The stupid PDA is giving me so much problems. At first I cannot log in the the NPalm Assessment, so I went all the way to school and Kylie fixed it for me. Now, it’s the same problem all over again. I can log in, but I cannot enter into my logbook. Damn it! 

[Add] My Clinical Facilitator/Instructor just told me that she is not failing me because of the two near-miss of medication errors. YES! Now if I can just get my logbook signed, I can (hopefully) pass my PRCP after all.


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I Lost My MP3 Player


I was late for work today and I was very irritated with myself (I hate being late becasue I hate lateness). I rushed into the tea-room to get ready and I left my MP3 player in the side pocket of my bag, where it is visible to all!

When I finished work, I realised that my MP3 player is lost.

To tell the truth, I don’t really care about the lose of the player itself, I care more about the data that is inside the data. Although there is nothing illegal inside, of that I can be sure, but that means that I have lost all the songs I have painstakingly accumulated through the years. Although I can still download them again, but think of how long that will take!

Besides the songs, I lost all the photos too! So people, if you happen to have any photo that has me inside, please send them to me, either through MSN when you see me online, or through email. Thank you in advace.

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