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Court Hearing

We went to the Subordinate Court today (‘we’ refers to Yuwen, Melissa, Meimei, Wendy, Kimberley, Karyin, Jeanette and me). It wasn’t as bad as I imagined it to be. I tried to take down some notes, but I was quite lost. Yali, who came later, said it was a case about car thieves. I don’t know and I don’t really care. We listened halfway and went to another court. We could not go in at first as there were no seats left. We finally went in and heard some cases. To match my black pants, I needed a pair of black heels and I didn’t have any so I decided to borrow one of Mum’s. There was only one pair, so although it was really old-fashioned, I wore it. It was one of those pointed shoes. I am not used to this kind of shoes and plus the fact that it had been worn may times and the left heel was a bit sloped, so the weight distribution was uneven, so my right foot hurt like hell. I had three blisters!

After the Court hearing, we shopped at Pearl Centre and OG. I found this long-sleeve T-shirt at Dorothy Perkins at OG. I love it. It is just a bit expensive at $39.90 (I think, around there).


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