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I have not been to Sentosa for don’t know how many donkey years. I just went there yesterday with Jeanette and gang, namely, Jeanette, Kimberley, Kar Yin, Xiu Yi and Serene. We were supposed to meet at Harbour Front MRT at 11am, but some of them were late, so I ended up listening to a stupid lecture on saving scheme from Prudential respresentatives. Then we went to have lunch at Kopitiam and Jeanette joined us shortly.

After that we each bought a ticket from the machine and boarded the monotrain which took us to Sentosa. We alighted at the Beah station and we took a lot of pictures at the Siloso Beach. Then we went to play the Skytrain and the Luge. It is so much fun. I don’t really care about the Skytrain, but I really like the Luge. It’s so FUN!

I bought ice-cream from New Zealand Natural, as recommended by my boyfriend. I had the Hokey Pokey and the Black Cherry flavours. It is simply delicious. The only drawback is that the ice-cream melts too fast. YUM!

After that we took the monotrain back to Vivo City and I went home to bath before going for tuition.

It was a great day. I got a little sunburned, but it’s not that bad.

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These are the neoprints Jeanette, Kar Yin, Kimberley and I took on last Wednesday when we went to Orchard during our 3-hour break.

I took this with Priyangi Mariem and Eudora when we met yesterday.

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Class Outing

Today the whole class skipped the NM lecture and NSL to go for our class outing. We were supposed to meet at Jurong Entertainment Centre at 3pm. Our previous lesson ended at twelve, so Jeanette and I made a beeline for SIM canteen. She had Tom Yam Mee Hoon Kway while I had Chicken Katsu Don. DELICIOUS!

Then we went to Jeanette’s house where she dumped her file and grabbed her jacket. I got to see her dog. It is SO CUTE. I want a dog too! 😦 Then we went to my house and chilled out for a bit before heading down to Jurong Entertainment Centre to get the cake and put it at Pizza Hut. It was 3.30pm by the time everyone arrived. We proceeded to the ice skating place and we had two hours of fun, plus a few bruises here and there. I fell down five times in total and I have a really bad bruise on each of my knees. I met Jing Yang at the entrance of the ice skating place. I told her that I have dinner with my class and she said to call her when I am done.

Then we went to Pizza Hut to have dinner. I realised that my handphone is totoally flat, so I had to borrow Jeanette’s handphone to call him because I was a fraid that he would get worried if he cannot reach me. Good thing he wasn’t angry. He wanted to come down, so I said okay. I went off early to meet Jing Yang. I borrowed Jing Yang’s handphone to message him, telling him that we will at the arcade. We played two games of basketball before he came and he had dinner at KFC while we chatted with him. Then, Jing Yang went off first and we went to the Juring east Library before he sent me home.

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Shopping at Plaza Singapura

The gatherings for D3 will never be complete, will it? The last time it was Priyangi (she is having school) and Mariem (she is working). This time it is Grace (she flew to China and I didn’t even know it). Haizzz…

Anyway, we basically shopped and eat, that’s basically all we did. I have always thought PS to be more of a upper-class place so I have never shopped there, as in really buying stuff. However, I don’t know if it is because I was with my “gang” or what, but I just found the clothes there to be really nice and rather affordable too. So I ended up buying three tops (2 T-shirts and one halter-top) and buying a T-shirt for Eudora as her Christmas present. The clothes are really nice. Now I finally understand the power of retail therapy. I have always thought that that retail therapy is just a fancy name people give to their urge to splurge. Now I understand that it can actually really make a person (take me, for example) feel really good.


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Ice Skating

Today I went ice-skating with three of my friends. It was really fun. I would have gone more often if it were cheaper. It costs $58.80 for a group of four, but it is for an unlimited number of hours. Cool. It’s not that bad. I fell fown a total of 7 times. My left buttock is still hurting from one particular bad fall. Well, it is a lot less than expected. I kind of expected myself to fall at least 20 times or so. We skated from 12pm to about 4.30pm, with breaks and two times when everyone was ordered out as they had to clear the ice. I had fun, but I also got two huge blisters at the heel. I wore ankle socks, that’s why. It’s not like I want to wear ankle socks, I don’t have any other socks! So, the conclusion is always wear high socks when ice-skating. Haizzz…

At first, I had to hold onto the railing to balance myself. Hello, I have not skated for about 6 years. It is a wonder that I actually managed to stand at all! Anyway, later, I finally managed to skate without holding onto anything, although still a little shaky.

I want to go again! I love it! I am so enviuos of all those people who can skate so well.

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