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New Year Shopping

He. I went for New Year shopping with Eudora yesterday at Bugis and Far East Plaza. We shopped at Seiyu for quite a while, but did not get anything. It’s either the clothes cannot make it or it is too expensive. We bought four pairs of earrings (three for her and one for me), a bottle of perfume each, and had our eyebrows plucked, all at the push-cart stalls at Bugis. That was my first time having my eysbrows plucked and it was a little painful. It got a bit itchy after that but it is fine now. To be absolutely truthful, I don’t really see much difference. Anyway, we hopped down to Far East Plaza to shop. I love this shop called Clancy Boutique located on the fourth floor. It sells jeans for $19.90 per piece and the jeans are really nice. The best thing is that they have my size. I bought two pairs. I also bought a pair of black semi-heels. Eudora had to go so I went to This Fashion at Jurong East Entertainment Centre and bought three pieces of tops in all. Oh my, I HATE shopping. By the time I got home, I was ready to drop dead. My whole body was aching. It felt as if I just went for two hours of workout at the gym. Good thing Chinese New Year comes only once a year, or else I will really die… =_=”
My Dad was not very pleased that I bought jeans. He does not like me wearing jeans. I already have three pairs of jeans and plus the two pairs that I just bought yesterday, that will make it five pairs in all, and I still intend to buy more. My Dad wants me to dress more ‘girly’ with dresses and all. He says I have the elegance and the built for it. He wants me to find my own sense of style. I know all that, it is just that I really dislike wearing dresses or skirts. Once in a blue moon is fine, but anything more than that is simply torture to me. Haizzz… So, people, what do you think? What is my style? What should I wear to bring out my own style? Give me some comments.

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Today I went to Bugis Street with Jing Yang. Oh my, I have fallen head over heels for that place. I have gone there before with my parents once or twice before, but I did not really get a good look around, or did it change a lot since the last time I have been there? Whatever! Anyway, it is really a shopper’s paradise. There are so many varities of clothes and they are so much cheaper than in other places. They have everything there. It is just so cool. I bought a pair of black shorts with white stripes for $19.90, a top for $18 and a chocker for $6.90. I am so going there again. Then again, I think it was also the fact that I was shopping with Jing Yang that made this whole shopping experience such a great one. Jing Yang is my best shopping partner. Jing Yang, I love you to bits. I can joke and really be myself when I am with you. I love shopping with you! Muaks!

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